THIS IS ALL THE PEOPLE BANNED FROM THIS BLOG. DONT GET ON THIS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Name                 Why                  Time                                    

    ehrenberga             swearing

Published on January 8, 2008 at 9:13 pm  Comments (349)  

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  1. hey thats was mean

  2. is this really a list or what??????????

  3. DO YOU want to get yourself in that position i dont and whats wrong with you cooler342?????????????

  4. alot of people have Aunt Arctic at the top is it me

  5. GUYWHOFRAMEDYOU sayed the f word and the s word joey

  6. yes i see it too and ninja 2012 is dead i saw him jump off the iceburg i couldnt doo anything to stop him from doing what he did and now clubpenquins BEST ninja ever is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its too bad no one else was there to see it you wouldnt want to either it was tragic……..not magic TRAGIC

  7. and our last hope is GONE NOW tooo and he was a great ninja too he taught me some things now he cant finish what he started with me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the world is a cruel place and some of the people on it……

  8. I CANT BELIEVE i can actually see that campbellio is banned ohhh if only Ninja 2012 was still alive he would be probably feeling better if he saw that on there but he cant…..Dead

  9. what are you talking about Swordmaster z im not dead yet and yes seeing that DOES make me feel alittle bit better but for now ill just let time heal all wounds and maybe i will be better than what i am now



  12. yeah i guess i am right but he was the one trained me to become a ninja on clubpenquin too i forgot to say earlier

  13. haha when your a ninja like myself i can survive many things even a jump into the ice burg waters as well and yes i was your trainer but now you must walk on your own path now instead of going on mine and maybe you can learn new skills on your own journey



  16. I AM A NINJA

  17. you think im dead i never i was 100% dead and i will be dead if things get outta hand like last time…….

  18. yeah i get it and Ninja 2012 is not dead not yet anyway stormgal are you on clubpenquin right now cause i will be on soon…..

  19. i will be on in a few minutes as well……

  20. i hope i dont get on that list theres gonna be a lot and i mean alot of people on that list ya know

  21. as long as you follow the rules you wont get on that list trust me i know these things…..

  22. hey joey or zizzlez can you tell me how to bann people from my blog idont know how i have a wordpress

  23. i have a blog and sadly no people talk on my blog click my name and you will go to my blog so please go on my blog and its called cooler knows all about rockhopper and its called that because i know all about rockhopper eny questions about rockhopper that rockhopper won’t anser i will tell you ok!!!

  24. i mean its called cooler342 knows all about rockhopper ok!!!


  26. Ok, um few penguins have said that they thought they have seen Bogambo the penguin who made the friendship braclets in the NightClub, and so did I.. it was very freaky! He was light blue with a friendship braclet on, but too bad there was no proof because he left too fast…

  27. what the why are some people un baned well can i be un baned please i will folow the rules!!!!

  28. hey everyone lord diaz is on the frozen server at the dojo go he will be right back ge says

  29. liam i think you got the wrong server yo…

  30. hes there again shiver server right now go at the dojo
    he there everyone tell everyone on everypage on this blog

  31. Good for Joey453 for banding them!!!


  33. nike bot coool

  34. Nike Bot Coool how do you know i am a ninja??????

  35. well i know why he knows its because its part of your name

  36. that is true i guess and its my name for clubpenquin as well……

  37. Go Ninja 2012!!

  38. Hey The Advisor

    What is your penguin name??

  39. my penquin name is Kakashi 170 for clubpenquin and i am Ninjaleader7 and Ninja 2012,s advisor and an advisor is like a person who gives someone information on what ever they want to know and thats what i do….

  40. Could you be my advisor too??

  41. yes i can be your advisor too cool dude ok….

  42. ok!!!
    i’m so exsited

  43. So ummmm
    Do you like lunchables???
    How old are you??
    I won’t tell anyone what you say to me
    But if you tell me to tell ppl i will!!

  44. lunchables are good i suppose and im 15 years old i just turned 15 on January 14th, and the year i was born on was 1993…. January 14th, 1993 thats all…

  45. I’m 9 if thats ok with you

  46. I love lunchables!!

  47. that is ok with it doesnt matter how old you are i hang out with everyone no matter how old or young they are….

  48. Good !
    I thought after i told you that you would not be my advisor any more

  49. ill be anyones advisor its what i do on clubpenquin you know….

  50. you are nice

  51. thats one thing of the many things i am really good at i guess…..

  52. wow you must be COOL
    What school do you go to??

  53. i go to a school called Morrisville Middle/Senior Highschool which is in Morrisville Pennslvania

  54. WOW
    I live in Minnasota!!!

  55. hey rockhopper i live in Minnesota too!

  56. thats really cool what is it like in minnesota??????

  57. it is cool
    but its winter
    the last few days its been below zero

  58. hey The Avisor kakashi 170
    can i call you advisor

  59. sure you can call me that i wont get mad or anything and that sounds really cold up in minnesota…its always like never that cold where i live….

  60. what tempeture is it where you live

  61. well….right now its like in the mid 30,s and it will be like 25 by night the sun hasnt completely gone down yet….its still up and light out side…..

  62. what time is it where you live

    where i live it is 4:00

  63. where i live the time says 5:07

  64. advisor i think you are smart

  65. i am but some people think i am not….untill i show them how smart i really am……

  66. well i think your smart already

  67. thanks…if only a few other people would see that…lol

  68. who don’t see that

  69. just a few people i know for about 2 years now in my school…….

  70. are they teachers or class mates??

  71. they are classmates and friends of mine….

  72. your friends should be nicer to you!!!

  73. tell your friends to stop or talk to a adult
    if they won’t stop don’t be there friend anymore

  74. i already done both of them and they both worked…..

  75. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do they call you names?

    P.S I won’t tell anyone about us talking

  76. noo they dont and i think one of them may like me im not too sure…and ever since i did what i did we became friends again….

  77. ok

  78. do you mean one of your friends LOVE you??

  79. yeah thats what i mean…..

  80. oh my goss!!!!!

  81. yeah thats what i kinda thought when i seen the facts put together like a puzzle lol…….

  82. does she have glasses???

  83. nope no glasses

  84. i have to get off the computer now.


    i will talk on here tommorow

  85. ok ill be on tomorrow at sometime….

  86. hi
    is it 1:35
    at your house

  87. my dogs are TROUBLE!!!

  88. is snow bank ok??

  89. Advisor is the server snow bank ok
    let me know

  90. sorry advisor when i left my computer shut down

  91. advisor its

  92. advisor its me cool dude! are you mad at me?

    at my house the time is 7:08 am

    please talk to me!!

  93. im not mad i was alittle busy today soo thats why i wasnt on the computer earlier……

  94. ummmmm is anyone……there i feel…all alone…..out here!!!!!!

  95. anyone on

  96. im back on cool dude

  97. uhuuhhuhuhuuhuhuhuhhu lets get togathe and go unnunununuununun

  98. uhuhuhuhuuhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  99. advisor are you on right now?????????????

  100. im on now i was off earlier but i have returned

  101. Hi im on now too!

  102. hey hows everything been going so far

  103. 😦
    anyone on

  104. pretty good
    I missed you

  105. is anyone on now im back

  106. Who ever is using my name to swear you better stop!
    I will find out so stop or I will use YOUR name!!


  107. I did not say that!!!
    Whoever did that please stop.

    P.S PLease stop cause I don’t want to get banned

  108. Joey453 someone used my name and swered! please find out

    Joey453 says: Dont worry cool dude Ill find out who is doing it…

  109. Sorry cooldude I did it!!!


  111. that name sounds familiar stormgal……hmm where have i heard that before……..i forget

  112. Ok stop it stormgal!!! Don’t use my name and swear anymore!!!!

  113. stop coco or sould I say poopface

  114. ANYONE on????

  115. im back on yo cool dude

  116. Oh hi good I was gettin bored

  117. lots of ppl are cool on here but i’m not the coolest even though my name is cool dude

    if someone uses my name to swear or be mean I will tell The advisor and ninja 2012 the real one

  118. liam199 I’m on shiver right now



  121. liam 199 are you on your wife’s site?

  122. yes i am im allways on
    hey check my site out i just posted a new pae and its cool

  123. NO!

  124. anyone on this website

  125. if your on this site say something

  126. plz come on ppl

  127. ok im on this site

  128. thanx

  129. hi pppl

  130. hi ppl

  131. no

  132. anyone on this site? If you are please TALK!

  133. Is someone on this site?

  134. Please talk to ME!

  135. Someone talk to me please!

  136. Is anyone on

  137. Can someone talk to me please I’m bored!

  138. Hello cool dude I’m here to talk to you!!!

  139. Why would I want to talk to you?

  140. auntalaska are you on?

  141. Now aren’t you being rude

  142. Advisor you hate me??
    😦 (CRYS)

    At least I have Lord Diaz and Ninja2012 the real one as my friends

  143. is someone on this site? If you are plz talk to me

  144. didnt i already clear that up……whats going on any more i wonder sheesh

    talk to you all later im signing off and wont be back on till like 3 or 4 p.m tomorrow so if you see any other comments made with my name before that time then you will know it was…..GUYWHOFRAMED….ok i think that settles that for now

  145. Yeah you can’t help cool dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Why can’t I help???


  147. Dont listen to him that was GUYWHOFRAMED he said it but using Lord Diaz,s name like last time and yes you can help just come to the meeting at 6:30 today….im sure you know where it is if you seen kakashi,s anouncement….peace out look at Lord Diaz,s name its underlined see that proves that its GUYWHOFRAMED ok cool dude when ever you see one our names underlined its not one of us its that LOSER GUYWHOFRAMED….peace out

    Ninja 2012

  148. 😥

  149. 🙄

  150. 😆

  151. ???

  152. Sup

  153. Ninja2012 THE REAL ONE are you still on this website? Ninja2012 when you read this leave a NICE reply on Oh my goss Im so sorry 😦
    Read (not see) you soon!!

  154. Is someone on?

  155. yeah im still on and working on something its not my (project) its something else


  156. hiii

  157. hey whats up and did you see the new clubpenquin party on clubpenquin it looks awesome and i havent found the pin yet but it looks like an anchor but i cant find it ill look harder

  158. I went to the party, the pin at cove, free item at forest and book room!!

  159. thanks again cool dude now that saves me the trouble of looking for it and the party looks great too i got both the free items but i didnt put them on yet i will when i sign on

  160. I’m on club penguin, server snow fort, and I’m in the pizza parlor

  161. my penguin name is ghdff, I’m on club penguin, server snow fort, and I’m in the pizza parlor.

    The information above is if you want to meet me

  162. HOWDY YALL!

  163. I did not say that!!!!!!!!! It was probly GUYWHOFRAMED

  164. see the one with my name that sweared is underlined and mine that I’m writing right now isn’t underlined

  165. hey guys this is cool dude (really!!!)
    Sooo yeah

  166. i think guywhoframed hacked my name and swore for me

  167. yeah mmmhhhhhmmm

  168. hahahahaahahaha thats funny to say the least

  169. anyone on?

  170. 🙂

  171. hey im onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. it seems that liam199 sure has a way with words if i say so myself….

  173. whoa hey there cool dude calm down im sure theres a good reason why your name is up there ohh and have you seen itachi 170???? if so plz answer

  174. because of joey453 she hit the part of my body where i was about to cry because joey453 is sooooooooooo wrong i didn’t swear and use ppl’s names to do it!!!!!

  175. Sorry, it was a misunderstanding… I hope. It may have been someone else, but dont give out your email to ther people, because whoever did it had the same exact email as you.

  176. good let the evil in you take control then release it cool dude will you join me and my army?????respond soon for this offer will end in a matter of days

  177. well well Joey453 i hear your the new ninja and with a ninja spot its surprising you passed the test but next time the next test wont be soo (easy) im sure of it

  178. Uh oh…….

  179. uh oh thats another high ranked person from clubpenquin whos on the bounty hunter list and hes here…..this is not good


  180. sorry i blew up joey453 im soooo sorry, BUT DON’T MISUNDERSTAND AGAIN!!!

  181. Ok, but dont give out your email to anyone!!!

  182. ok joey453

  183. well it seems im famous on clubpenquin and i didnt know i was soo high ranked……i guess thats what happens when you become a Dark Ninja like myself and hopefully the ninjas wont be soo easy to (get rid of) just like old times

  184. what could you be possibly upto this time sigma

  185. wha

  186. wha

  187. ok ummm i don’t know what to sayyyy!

  188. Oh don’t worry Lord Sigma, we will be IMPOSSIBLE to defeat!!! US GOOD NINJAS WILL RULE!

  189. i wish i was a ninja

  190. if you want to know i might as well tell you in fact why not tell everyone ey? im building an army so i wont make any mistakes by taking out all the other regular ninjas on clubpenquin by making their test and missions become harder so they dont stand a chance and this time ill finish what my brother Lord Diaz couldnt start….taking over the flimflam server then shiver then another untill all servers are in darkness i say for all of you to hide but then i would be lying cause you cant hide not any more

  191. don’t take over shiver is my fav server

    i…i…i….i’m a girl!
    i’m sorry i lied! very sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! please everyone stay being my friends!

  192. Cool dude!!!!!! Soon, you can be a ninja maybe soon! JUST DONT LISTEN TO LORD SIGMA!!!! He wil turn you to the dark side, and nobody NOBODY wants to be on the dark side!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Cool dude…. is…….a girl????? Why did you say you were a boy???? And you shouldnt go by cool dude anymore… should be….. cool dudette?

  194. i won’t go on dark side but im a a a a a girl

  195. you think the regular ninjas can win Joey453 hmm i like you…you got the spirit thats needed to help out but then again only the TRUE ones can rule what is rightfully theirs and if i was you i would get more ninjas on your side because you know the ninja shadows you see in the dojo thats part of my army always watching and waiting for some unlucky soul or ninja to come along and then POW done for hahahahaha p.s my clubpenquin name is Darkninja24 just in case we ever meet

  196. ahhh i like cool dude better but member im a girl

  197. a very wise choice to be staying on Joey,s side but FOOLISH it is no matter what shiver and the rest of the servers will be under my control i will rule and then no one can stop me

  198. Ha ha ha, you are very funny Lord Sigma. Your saying IM not a true ninja? Ha ha too funny!
    Just for your info, we have more and more people being ninjas EVERYDAY!!!!!!! You so and totally cannot win!!!

  199. hey girls are smart and i say you can’t rule servers


  200. your wrong Joey453 its better to be on the dark side cause the darkness can control everything

  201. how do i become a ninja???
    girls like being ninjas

  202. no they cant

  203. if i was a ninja it would be alot easier to track these wanted high ranked people on clubpenquin then i can finnally track down the ultimate S-ranked person


  205. Ha ha ha, your funny Lord Sigma. I AM A TRUE NINJA AND I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!! Even if I have to do it myself…

  206. if i become ninja i will defeat you tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. it seems as i feared for these last 2 years i knew it would only be a matter of time before Sigma broke out of the prison followed by a few other S-ranked people if Sigma finds any of the good ninjas then it will be too late for them this means you too Joey453 now that Lord Sigma is free all good ninjas are in danger even me!!!!!!

    Ninja 2012

  208. hey umm ninja2012 im a a a aa a a a a girl
    sorry i lied, didn’t tell you, and be my friend stil plz!

  209. hahahaha you cant beat me Joey453 no mere ninja can not even a bounty hunter such as Hunterzero14 and i was expecting to see Ninja 2012 to post on here soon only he was one of the people who locked me and most of my army away and now im BACK to do what i was suppose to do along with my army

  210. The darkness does not let you control everything!! The light does!!!! Ok now I sound like the mother from Twitches… Well what I am trying to say is that the darness is like a drug! It makes you feel like you have power over your everything!!!! When really your just ruining yourself! ITS NOT TOO LATE TO BE A GOOD NINJA!!!!!

  211. yeah good point joey453
    if you are on the dark side then you might……die

  212. yeah of course ill still be your friend cool dude no matter what happens ill be your friend till the very end of time and space

  213. cool im glad
    i finaly had the nerve to tell the truth and i’m glad i did!

  214. When I capture you, ou wont be behind bars, youll be in a much much much worse place…. youve dont too many crimes.

  215. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

  216. it will more than that to get me to go back to being my weaker side again

  217. lord sigma you will die

  218. well if you do manage to capture me which i highly doubt there are 3 other S-ranked Dark ninjas on clubpenquin and they are….as followed from worst to not soo bad

    1:Brolly 1435
    and 3:Sephiroth157 those are the other Dark Ninjas who escaped with me during our (JAIL BREAK) good luck finding them all on clubpenquin if you can

  219. mwhaha i will help my ninas

  220. and when we are all together on clubpenquin we are known as the Dark Ninja 4 good luck cause these ninjas arent soo good to find and capture just like me

  221. whatevea

  222. i got to get off computer see ya ladies and gentlemen

  223. DONT LISTEN TO LORD SIGMA!!!!! HE TELLS LIES I TELL YA!!!!!!! I am standing at the prison at this very moment and Brolly1435, Swordmasterz, and Sephiroth157 are all here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. this is a night mare come to reality those names he said there all on the clubpenquin bounty hunter,s list for all S-Ranked Dark ninjas they are the worst ninjas ever to meet cause they dont destroy you they destroy all of your friends on clubpenquin and leave you in some place to die!!!!! thats why these Dark Ninjas must be captured before its too late with all my might i will do everything i can to stop this evil and bring safety back to clubpenquin and its servers and penquins this is now a situation where all bounty hunters and good ninjas must work together

  225. hahahahahahahahahahaha i beg to differ Joey453 those are all just imposter penquins made to look like us to fool you good ninjas we are still out of the prison planning our next move i suggest you leave more guards at the prison or ELSE!!!!!!! all of them will perish under the scorching flames of my strength

  226. Joey453 you made a mistake by not joining us and now im sorry but we the Dark Ninja 4 must destroy you and the rest of those weakling ninjas you got on your side theres no way we will be captured for if you control the darkness you can control many things even a prison escape be prepared for a massive jail break from there cause no one will stop me from entering and breaking all the other lower and higher class dark ninjas out of there hahahaha

  227. i took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind i left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time i watched the world float to the dark side of the moon…..i fear theres nothing i do……untill these people are caught theres nothing more i can do for this situation has become all the good ninjas problem now……………good luck

  228. Joey453 you mentioned i did alot of crimes what were they exactly if you really know…..

  229. Wow, you guys have it worse then I though. Tell me, when you were in prison, did you happen to hit your heads on something? Maybe have a concussion? If you cant remember, Id recomend you have a doctor check you out! Because there is NO WAY you Dark Ninjas can defeat me or my people!!! I stand for the regular penguins, the secret agents, and ESPECIALY THE GOOD NINJAS!!!!! We already have one! So you BAD ninjas should just give up NOW!!!!!

  230. hahahaha when your in a prison cell with no light at all and have about 10 guards watching your every move and find that the only way to exit or break out of the prison is to destroy many guards and break the security system then get your friends and that was hard to do and when i learned i had to do that to escape thanks to Swordmasterz who use to be a security guard for the prison and when your in a prison and hear you will never see the light of day ever again you begin to think why not just join the darkness and thats what we Dark ninja 4 did….i dont think we could ever go back to the good side it was only holding us back from our real potential and now we are the out cast ninjas now

  231. it was a dark and difficult time but now im never going back to that prison even if i have to escape from clubpenquin and be on a deserted island i will do that

  232. you also remind me of a friend who before i turned evil use to tell me the things your saying now like the give up and the its not too to turn back from being bad well now i think you both are wrong i found the path i must take and now im never going off it…..

  233. hey Lord Sigma im glad your back and free from that wretched clubpenquin prison and i got good news i can go back on clubpenquin cause i remembered my password it took me like 3 tries to get it right and have you heard from Sephiroth157 yet he told me he was going on alittle recon mission and he never came back yet im going on right now to look for him and dont worry about me ill be fine if any good ninja run into me ill take them down……..the Dark Ninja 4 will rule clubpenquin like we were gonna do 2 years ago

  234. thats a good idea lets meet in ummm how about parka at my igloo we will look for Sephiroth and Brolly there and no i havent heard from Sephiroth yet either since that recon mission he was going on

  235. wow, you gdark siders are really stupid cause you know the good ninjs are going to beat your BUTTS!!!!

    Im a girl

  236. the new pin is at the pool!!

  237. i need help!
    No one likes me!
    I’m lonley!
    Help me!
    I’m so lonely!
    I need help from anyone!
    Please help me before my life goes down the drain!

  238. I need help,
    No one likes me,
    I’m lonely,
    help me,
    I’m so lonely,
    I need help from anyone,
    Please help me before my life goes down the drain,
    this stuf is trueee!!!!!!!
    i need some helpppp
    if you know what you can dooooo
    to help
    let me knowwww,
    before i exsplod
    from confusin
    Ya know you got to help me but you….
    just want to be coollll
    but thats not ok with me!

    HELP ME!

    that is a NEW song i wrote

  239. if there are improvements i should make let me knowwwww!

    Im a girl yeah yeahy yeah

  240. opps…. my sister was saying that so i wrote it down!!

    i got a musicful life

    but i need a boyfriend

  241. hahhahaha you have alot of enthusiasm in you cool dude but you think we will give up sooo easily well……wrong cause we got Sephiroth157 back after many hours of searching and now we Dark Ninja 4 will eliminate ALL the regular penquins if they refuse to join us then we will get rid of the secret agents and finnally the ALL OUT WAR against the good ninjas that will be a battle to the death NO!!! a battle for who will be in control of ninjas

  242. thats right i declare war on the good ninjas and the secret agents and trust me it wont be sooo easy you remember that big ninja you saw that one time Joey453 well we got plenty more of them and more dark ninja robots too add to my Dark Ninja clan hahahahahaha good luck dealing with that agents and good ninjas out there

  243. finnally now we get to see some action happening ill fight for the good ninjas side even if im not a ninja but i am a secret agent and ill be on the good side plus Joey453,s side as well

  244. awesome theres gonna be a ninja war soon i cant wait for it just to let everyone know ill be in it and im not gonna say whos side im on but ill let everyone here decide on which side i should be on the good side or the dark side? you all should choose whos side i should be on…..

    Ninja 2012

  245. ill be back on later to see what the result is and you have to give a reason why you want me to be on that side when you pick it ok?

    Ninja 2012

  246. i will be in the war to and ninja2012 THE REAL ONE i think you should be on the good side!

  247. can you give me a reason why i should be on the good side ninja?

    Ninja 2012

  248. your all fools for not joining my side and those who arent with me are against me and you will all suffer the consequences and the war will begin in 2 to 3 weeks from today got that…….

  249. 2 to 3 weeks huh i cant wait the suspense of this war is gonna be great i cant wait to see who will win in the war hey maybe ill be in the war too or maybe not im not sure if i want to though cause people do get injured in wars ya know 🙂

  250. :[ that reminds me of a time long ago

  251. it may be not much of a story but perhaps some of you who have a clubpenquin account may have noticed that sometimes people have wars inside the dojo room ive been in like 4 of them last year and well sometimes when you got to do something bad in order to win and well ill let you figure the rest out 😦

  252. i do warn those of you who want to be in this war that you might not return to clubpenquin ever again once the war has begun BIG changes will be noticed and when its over clubpenquin will never again be the same no matter who will win and lose it will never be the same ;}

  253. thats right make them all suffer and if we win which i know we will how about we send the people that are against us in the prison we got sent to make them stay in there for weeks and with no way out or to escape either hahahahaha i feel bad for those of you who are not with us and for the act of rebellion you will all be sentenced to life in prison with no one to save you either soon very soon we will all be infinite for then no one can stop us not one person……. :]

  254. 🙂 i hope you all know how to swin cause maybe a different plan would be to send all the people who are on the good side down beneath the waters on the ice berg 🙂

  255. ohhh now how come no one told me about the war that aint right you all just left me here and well to say the least ill be in the war and with my sharp sword and master skills i will not lose 😆

  256. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. really what did you do cool dude?

  258. sorry about that Brolly i forgot to tell you about the war when we were in our secret place it must have slipped out of my mind but dont worry besides the war that will happen soon you didnt miss anything else……you got my e-mail send me a message where and when we could meet up with the others on clubpenquin ok?……see ya soon i guess

  259. Ok i was riding my bike around then i was going to go up on my driveway and i fell OFF my bike!!!!!!! My arm started to hurt real bad and luckily i was riding my bike with a friend so then he went to tell my dad!I had to go to the hospital and wait 2 hours to get to a dr.
    and he said i bruised my muscle, the dr. said i should ice my arm and i did. and today, which is tuesday, my arm is feeling better!



  261. thats weird based on what i know cool dude was with joey453 and he or she is now on our side thats…….really something……hey cool dude are you really on the dark side now or are you just making that up to trick us???

  262. ill be able to tell if its a trick or not Sephiroth dont worry……but remember this if you are on the dark then you must prove your worthy enough for the darkness to become a part of you and then you can control unimaginable strength and power……but if this is a trick then im afraid you might end up in that petrified clubpenquin prison just like i was and my 3 friends and then thats when the games get interesting for if you obtain the last 3 parts you can get to the prize that awaits…..sooo for now im outta here

  263. ohhh noo this is not good if cool dude is on the dark side now then i have no choice but to put him on the bounty hunters list now im sorry cool dude but now you are a wanted penquin now everytime you go on clubpenquin people will be looking for you just like those Dark ninja 4 group up there and now i have to put you on the list now…….its not too late to change your mind if you come back to the good side then you will be redeemed as a good penquin and then you wouldnt have to be like itachi 170 and always be running away from the agents all the time i dont think you want that now do you?






  266. Yeah that’s right I’m a girl
    You guys got a problem with that?
    Huh do ya??


    i said ALMOST anything
    so don’t get your nerdy hopes up!

    I’m really crabby because of my stupid fall and you never know what i’ll do!!!!!


    i said ALMOST anything
    so don’t get your nerdy hopes up!

  269. hey that was mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am having a hard time on cp and i hate myself because everyone hates me i think i should just… just..
    be alone FOREVER
    no one talk to me unless you have something good to say

  270. hmmm i see you now know where you truly belong you want adventure huh cool dude well then ill let you join my Dark Ninja clan as long as you can continue too be like the way you are now you can join and yes dfskd you can join my clan as well if you want i am the Dark Ninja,s clan leader and my clubpenquin name is Dark Ninja24 maybe i can meet you one day if that is ok with you ohh and you must also meet my 3 greatest ninja friends/clan members and they are Brolly 1435 and Sephiroth157 and Swordmasterz and when we 4 are together we are known as the Dark Ninja 4 and we have an almost un-defeatable ninja army behind us and we will destroy Joey453 and her friends then we will get rid of the secret agents and then we will rule all of clubpenquin with an iron fist and for my fellow ninjas who are reading this join me or stay outta my way for i and my army will be taking over soon once the war has begun

  271. uh oh this is not what i really expected im sorry Joey453 i dont think i can capture cool dude and those Dark Ninja 4 group unless i get help from you otherwise its too late for me and everything i worked hard for will be for nothing………FINE i will be in the war in order to restore balance to clubpenquin i will fight with Joey453 till the very END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. Yo everyone heres a song i like to call In The End

    It starts with one thing
    I don’t know why
    It doesn’t even matter how hard you try keep that in mind
    I designed this rhyme
    To explain in due time
    All I know
    Time is a valuable thing
    Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
    Watch it count down to the end of the day
    The clock ticks life away
    It’s so unreal
    Didn’t look out below
    Watch the time go right out the window
    Trying to hold on, but didn’t even know
    Wasted it all just to watch you go
    I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
    What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    i had to fall to lose it all
    but in the end it doesnt even matter

    One thing, I don’t know why
    It doesn’t even matter how hard you try, keep that in mind
    I designed this rhyme, to remind myself how
    I tried so hard
    In spite of the way you were mocking me
    Acting like I was part of your property
    Remembering all the times you fought with me
    I’m surprised it got so (far)
    Things aren’t the way they were before
    You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
    Not that you knew me back then
    But it all comes back to me (in the end)
    You kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
    What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    i had to fall to lose it all
    but in the end it doesnt even matter

    I’ve put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    And for all this
    There’s only one thing you should know

    I’ve put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    And for all this
    There’s only one thing you should know
    i tried so hard and got soo far but in the end it doesnt even matter i had to fall to lose it all
    but (in the end) it doesnt even matter…….i dont if i should be in the war or not both sides are HARD to choose if you know that

  273. things are getting really different now a days and now i must take part in the war not to be on anyone,s side or to help out…..NO but to get cool dude back to her senses or old self that is reason enough for me to be in the war and no other reason at all GOT THAT EVERYONE??????

    Ninja 2012

  274. don’t worry i’m back

  275. THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool dude is back now ohh yeah i knew you would come back i never doubted you for a second there cool dude

  276. well well it seems some really exciting stuff is happening to clubpenquin soon if you already know the details

  277. hmmm

  278. hey jujube24 did you give your penguin to liam199?
    awsome NEW web site i love it and i already left a commet

  279. whats jujube24,s website?

  280. yup!
    visit the sight
    liam199 gave the web site to jujube24


  282. its awsome

  283. i have been there and i left 2 comments on there if he moderated them yet

  284. i saw that you did

  285. yeah jujube24 has a cool site too and he is a cool penguin too i had to add

  286. I Know he is really cool like you

  287. yeah i know and thanks for the compliment too cool dude

  288. yeah any time happy st. patties dayyy

  289. hey stop swearing jerk!!!!!!!

  290. wow it looks like someone is alittle mad and its not jujube24 either 🙂

  291. hey i dint give my penguin to i created my own blog on wordpress .com.

  292. Everyone got to please

  293. hey cool dude meet me and the other dark ninjas on..snow cone k?

  294. i am rockhoppers puffle me and rockhopper are coming is rockhoppers ship built????????????????????????????????????????????????

  295. no you arent

  296. Life Is Human´s Best Time!!!!!


  297. hey guys guess what i just recaptured a dark ninja that escaped not too long ago and no thanks are nessesary….i was just in the right place at the right time

  298. cool

  299. arrr hi me matys i have a passowrd and user for u guys if you will make it a member and don’t ban it or me ban your acount here it is:



    plz take care of this acount

  300. :@ who went on plopdhds acount because who ever did is in big truble who ever did deleted all his friends witch means me not going to club penguin in june because plopdhd was my asistant witch means that who ever went on plopdhds acount say me because if do not do that then me not go back to club penguin until i can have the penguins acount plopdhd was good until what happend!!!!he had freinds that he knows in real life so the penguin who hacked plopdhds acount will be baned!!!

  301. after saying all that i guarantee no one will say who did it now

  302. also my clubpenguin account is too (special) to get banned anyway

  303. ok this is geting sereus someone has to tell me who baned plopdhs acount because the owner of plopdhd is so mad he is changing his password and me not telling the password!

  304. well what do you expect when you just give an account on here and saying the password…..thats most foolish to do……plopdhd is lucky his account didnt get banned forever then that would be bad so i say this to everyone DONT put a clubpenguin account on here unless you want to get it banned…..then again i just might bann it to give you all a lesson

  305. I think it was sword master z penguins say he dose that i also hope your penguin will fix the dameg that was done.

  306. by the way i know you are not rockhopper.

  307. yea me 2
    the weather:





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  308. hello

  309. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! ban itachi 107 because i am rockhopper and he is doing fake rumors that me fake to me so ye have to ban him from this site!!!!!!!!!!!


  311. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh ya well e-mail club penguin support and see what happends!!!!!!!!!

  312. oh yeah gimme the e-mail you are not real ok AND YOU KNOW IT JUST GIVE IT UPPP DUR

  313. haha i finaly believe a stupid person haha nice cooldude i agree with ya

  314. OMG rude

  315. it cant be GUYWHOFRAMED is back!!!!!! what could he possibly want?

  316. hi guywhoframed!

  317. BYE EVERYONE IM GOING TO MEXICO TODAY i will be back around july 20………………………………till then everyone.


  319. awwwwwwwwwwwwww man my membership ran out today……….but……………………….I CAN RENEW AGAIN WOOOOOO…………maybe

  320. i…….just…….got…..a…….6…….month……membership…………….OMGosh

  321. you bought a game card for clubpenguin didnt you pokmun143 🙂

  322. no i didnt

  323. is anyone on cp i am

  324. i might go on

  325. well im on now

  326. anyone on like right now

  327. aaaaaaar!!!!!!!ban eder15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. arrrrrrrr i agree!!!!!!!!

  329. same here ill do it

  330. jk idk how to dat

  331. Hullo.. I’m new

  332. Is anyone here?

  333. ban click click

  334. now now now now now now now now now now now now now


  336. DELETE IT SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. i got an awsome hack! i got an account called sensay ninja! heres the user info

    user:Sensay ninja

    lol! ok not funny but it’s a cool account

  338. why do you have a list

  339. hi

  340. Acually cool dude (the one without numbers) i’m also 9

  341. what?

    Joey453: thats right

  342. but my name is different than his! seee my name doesnt have a line under it and is has 1998

  343. ill take you off club penguin then

    take off this list by 12/08/09

  344. hi lets have a BANN you hunt a new hunt on cp were anybody who sees you will bann you you have to take off this before my blog comes out in 19/08/09

  345. im still here

  346. you are dildo

  347. waaaaaaa

  348. Whait in the end is by linkin park on Hybrid Thory

  349. why are you doing this she probaly started crying ur a teen and most people on cp are 7 and 10 year olds because most people think it gets a bit childish

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