This is the new WIERD contests page!

I will make wierd contests.

Every time a contest ends, a new one will begin…





All you have to do is post a comment to the contest.

And winner gets the prize.

The prizes will change with the contests.


have fun


The Contest:

wierd story

The Prize:

 (this is Cat I will let Joey choose)


Winner of the last contest:





pokmun143 and fuffy4725

With The Poem:

My puffle ran away

I bought a puffle one day
I called him Cremebruleu.
My puffle was pink
I washed him in the sink
I took him to the pet shop
he bounced and he hopped
I took him home
while I talked on the phone
He poo’d on the seats
And wee’d on my feet!
He threw up on my bed!
My face turned red
I exploded all over cp!!!!
Then my puffle left me…….:(


Youuuuuuu wiinnnnnnnn 1,000 coins.

I will contact you later so you can get them.


Published on October 7, 2007 at 8:23 am  Comments (114)  

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  1. my favorite game is ice fishing

  2. I like ice fishing too! But my favorite game is puffle round-up! 🙂

  3. Game of the week: Thin Ice.

  4. Play this arcade game in the Lounge, located on the second floor of the Night Club. Use your arrow keys to guide the puffle through each maze and melt tiles. Earn coins for every tile melted. Read instructions available at the game for more information and tips

  5. my fefrot is cart sufer

  6. My favorite game is jet pack! tip: if you dont collect any coins then you will ge a thousand… i think

  7. i like cart surfer u earn lots of coins on it!!

  8. my favorite is catchin waves, but pizzatron gets you the most coins.

  9. Cool!
    Thanks for the tip!

  10. My favorite is catchin waves i can get 1,000$ or
    2,000$ from it
    i use the selver surf board i rock with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to meat me my name on cp is Fh Cc
    i will always be on mamoth or icebound
    just say my real name adam and i will under stand that it is one of you

  11. my favourite game is cart surfer

  12. can i be your buddy on CP JOEY453 please?



  13. i like cartsurfer for a quick 500 coins, jetpack for a pretty easy 1,000 couns, and pizzatron for 1,400 but it takes awhile

  14. sweet idea joey

  15. joey453 is on my buddy list on cp and my favourit game is puffle-round-up

  16. i like puffle roubd up bewcause you earn the most coins on it and it can be boirng sometimes so for fun i like catchin waves ♥♥

  17. my favorite is i have to say puffle round up im a master at it and not one time has the clock ever run out or not even 1 puffle ever gets away or escapes when i play it all the time my clubpenquin name is itachi 170 and swordmaster z is my code name i got cause im really good with using the sword and i hardly ever lose to a sword match either

  18. cool

  19. yeah it is really cool on how i got that codename huh?

  20. im the ninja and that shadow is mine

  21. lol!!

  22. lol lol

  23. hey advisor have you been on ever page on this web site?

  24. advisor are you a boy or girl??

  25. yes i have been on all the pages but not commented on all of them and i am a boy my favorite band for music is i have to say Linkin Park and my favorite songs by that band is Numb and In The End and the main one i like is Pushing Me Away….thats all my answers

  26. not all
    i might have more questions

  27. ok im still here if you need answers….

  28. so far i have one more
    what server do you go on when your on clubpenguin

  29. the server that i usually go on when i sign on to clubpenquin is shiver its my favorite plus i seen the pirate Rockhopper on there 3 times before so i know he goes on that server too

  30. coolllllllllll

  31. i love thin ice! where’s the new pin?

    i love club penquin!

  32. rockhopper goes on club penquin?? wow!

  33. Woah! Umm… My fav is … Thin Ice! That took me a long time.

  34. arrr well this is my word for the wird contest: sand eye ball

  35. =)
    Come On! I need more responses than that!
    It’s to be in a video with you and me and anyone else you want! YOU get to choose the theme and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. my wierd word is ummmm errrrrr dribble…………yeah my word is Dribble

  37. ummmmm hmm…darn i cant think of anything……


  38. Hurry up people!
    Before the contest ends!
    The prize thin is an about me thingy on the side of the page…you know like mine?

  39. a funny video huh….ill try and find one today while im here ya know :mrgreen:

  40. =)

  41. Hmmmm
    I guess this contest isn’t interesting enough?
    I wonder why?
    Is it the prize,
    or is it just a stupid contest?

  42. i dont think that way joey…..every day i look for funny videos but i cant find a very funny one yet

  43. soem of the funny vids i watch are of funny pics on cp

  44. hmmm yeah thats kinda what i do but i also look for other ones on clubpenguin

  45. oh

  46. =[

  47. Well
    I guess this contest was stupid.
    I should end it soon…
    because no one is going to answer…?

  48. Ok,
    this contest is over
    no one won
    no one competed…

  49. 1’000 coins for this contest i am not doing it i have 99’999999999 coins so i dont need the contest

  50. no you dont

  51. i see a penguin walddling in the snow.
    he is looking for his ball.
    then he heard a boom.
    while hes going to town he found a spoone!
    then a penguin told him a poem
    then he found out it was him!

    dont email me.

  52. a poem about clubpenguin….not one of my specialties but ill see if i can make one

  53. Club penguin is fun
    I love to play in the sun

    At the beach, I like to play
    But I Can’t always get my way

    Sometimes I go to the dock
    And look at my clock

    i love club penguin, all the way


  54. wow thats really good poem you made 10/10 i give it

  55. it was a cold day
    the penguins were bored
    there was nothing to say
    then a penguin shoutd its my birthday!
    they partied all day
    they ate soo much cake
    they partied until
    they irthday said i fell ill!

  56. can i ask a question….how do you all make so much good poems? i cant even think of anything right now

  57. Ninjas

    Hiding away
    Before the sun turns up
    The only thing that you’ll see
    Is my gray shadow
    Stealthily I climb the walls
    And seek the secrets of the Unknown
    I creep
    I crawl
    I hide away
    I’ll see to it that
    nobody will see me

  58. Grades

    I got an E
    I know my parents will be proud
    Everyone else got an A

    I’m so happy because
    E stands for Excellent and
    A stands for Awful!

    I know they’ll be so proud,
    I never knew school was so easy!!!
    😀 😛

  59. Jet Pack

    Therez not a star in heaven that we can’t reach!
    Oh we’re flyin’
    And we’re breakin free,
    Oh we’re breakin’ freee…

    Flyin– AAAGH! SHARK!!!

  60. Birthday on cp

    it was a cold day
    the penguins were bored
    there was nothing to say
    then a penguin shoutd its my birthday!
    they partied all day
    they ate soo much cake
    they partied until
    they birthday girl said i feel ill!

    (this is the corrected version lol)

  61. My puffle ran away

    I bought a puffle one day
    I called him Cremebruleu.
    My puffle was pink
    I washed him in the sink
    I took him to the pet shop
    he bounced and he hopped
    I took him home
    while I talked on the phone
    He poo’d on the seats
    And wee’d on my feet!
    He threw up on my bed!
    My face turned red
    I exploded all over cp!!!!
    Then my puffle left me…….:(

    Pokmun143 says:
    made by pokmun143 and fuffy4725
    i was hurt by my friend in the chin with the key board during the making of this poem it took an hour to write and then i accidently closed the webpage we had to re type it and we laughed our heads off most of the time i hope you liked our poem please do we worked so hard on this!!!!(mostly done my pokmun fuffy just laughed)
    fuffy4725 says:(i hoped u like the poo and the wee that was my idea:D)

  62. that last poem was funny its really good

  63. thank you

  64. wen is the winner(s) gonnna be announced

  65. im guessing a few more days maybe

  66. king cp does have 99’99999999999999 coins he is the king of cp he has so much coins and he hired me to be one of the three ninjas thats how i became one

  67. uh hi i just wanted to say i LOVED LOVED LOVED ur “Big Sercet” vids they were so KOOL! uh i just wanted to say i would love to meet u on cp and uh if not to much be in ur 5th “big sercet” vid. (if u make one. plz make one!) bye!

    p.s. my cp name is nori79 and im on like mammoth or sleet and i like the town and beach.

  68. o and im using my dad’s e-mail so uh i am a girl. lol. bye!

  69. joey when does the contest end?

  70. yea me and my friend (Pokmun143) are reallly really nerves

  71. ………….

  72. when will this contest end? oh and pokmun143 did you do the video with joey453 yet?

  73. no not yet we still havent figured out what it should be about and if we can get music on it

  74. when is this contest gonna end

  75. what video? big secret four?

  76. and joey453 end the darn contest!


  78. Please end it we been waiting.

  79. pokmun and fuffy win this contest and there is so far no contest as of now

  80. lol ds i dont think yu! can end it

  81. did we win me and pokmun

  82. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  83. h i
    i s

    m c
    y a
    n l
    a o
    m r
    e d

  84. ?

  85. pokmun and fuffy did win the contest JUST LOOK AT THE WINNERS OF LAST CONTEST…which was the poem contest ok

  86. ummmm make the new contest joey453!!!!!!!

  87. who won!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. o lol i didnt look at the top of the page YAY

  89. who won

  90. lol me and pokum won WOOOOOOOOOO AND ON MY BIRTHDAY YAY

  91. congrats to both of you that won

  92. 😀

  93. how do we get 1,000coins

  94. whts the next contest gonna be

  95. how do we get 1,000 coins

  96. ?????????????????????????????

  97. Cool also weird poem !

  98. they you!!!!
    dont read this!!!!
    its about nothing!!!!!!!
    stop reading!!!!!!!!
    you better stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dont make me come over there!!!!!
    are you still reading?
    why wolt you stop!!!!
    im worning you!!!
    ok ok
    you win
    you can read this 😦
    but just to tell you
    if you ceep reading
    the last sentance will tell you nothing

  99. oh sry no contest

  100. i like cart surfer

  101. i missed alot`!

  102. i would like to be in the big secret 4. my name is wolfy789. i have the skuul costume and bandana. we could meet at

    server: klondike

    date: october 6

    time: 6:00

    where: my igloo

  103. hi guys

  104. you nare right this is weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Arr!! ill be coming back on December 13 ok ye pirates

  106. 😆

  107. ok wierd

  108. heres mine one day i got my puffle but insted of a puffle i got a bean monster but i love beens i waited he peed into my bowl but his bee was water then he pooped beans into my bowl then he puked up salt into my bowl i ate the beans and then got my real puffle all my bean monster ate was PUFFLES he ate every puffle i get so i kept getting puffles and named them bean monster food and then i ate so much beans I ATE THE BEAN MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!



  110. dude

  111. WHEN IS BIG SECRET FOUR EVER GOING TO BE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. i have a buger

  113. my favorite is cart surfer.

  114. if your puffle runs away then its good for me – i find all the run away puffles in the forest and roast them at the cove – you can join in if you like – there is plenty for all – roast puffle

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