Penguin Chat The older verson of Club Penguin!


When your a ninja, you can travel to older Club Penguin Versons! Well its sooooo awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  DONT BREATHE A WORD OF THIS TO CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!

As for Rockhopper and family: They will be rescued soon! The boat is almost done and we have sent him a note, food, beverage, and a pillow for comfort in a wooden crate while he awaits to be rescued. ๐Ÿ™‚


Monday is Martin Luther Kingย  Jr. Day! HE ROCKED!

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  1. sooo it does work and i would be careful if i was you joey you wouldnt want to get stuck in the older versions i seen what happens to penquins when they do….


  3. she lied look there is two Aim Cuties look at the first picture shes a lie and she was mean go to my site and look what i did

  4. Joey453 is not mean campbellio stop making up lies….

  5. Joey453 is VERY nice

  6. please don’t be mean on here ppl

  7. :):(

  8. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. i agree with you cool dude some……people need to know when a person is lying and campbellio are you mad that joey is a ninja and your not so you have to call her a lier all the time……

  10. when will rockhopper be rescued yet………

  11. yeah when?

  12. rockhopper cant be on that little boat forever you know even with supplies and all he cant stay on there forever…….

  13. help rockhopper

  14. i cant believe you didnt make that up BUT i saw a pic of those people and that those people arent who you say they are and that you just put names under them that are wrong

  15. what are you talking about jujube24?????

  16. i am talking about i went on penguinchat .com and it showed those people but joey took those and put fake names under them

  17. how can that be possible??????

  18. i dont know but anything can be done with photodoc right?

  19. hmmmmm maybe…not too sure on that

  20. ???

  21. Dude , This isn’t the old version of Club penguin , The old version of club penguin doesn’t exist because Disney Bough Club penguin when it was called penguin chat and they named it club penguin so it isn’t the new one!

  22. it isn’t the old version of cp sorry!
    if it was there wouldn’t be swearing dude.

  23. im sorry to that is not the old one
    the old one was at
    its cool though

  24. i want to meet on club penguin!
    User: magicalzora1
    Time: can we make it 3:00pm GMT
    Date: Sat 3rd JaN 09
    Server: Cystal
    Place: Coffee Shop!
    P.S if i am not there after 10 minutes past three just log off it means i cannot come on!
    i might be going to my dads house mom and dad split up last month dad has a girlfriend she is called Jane my dad is Jamie i am Ashleigh and my mom is Aqulera i think thats how you spell it. i can’t spell well becase i am only six yers old. my birthday is 4th December! so really i have just turned six! my seven year ld sista Christina is typing because i cannot read well yet! she can’t spell well eether! i might have to go to my dads hose because rest of my family that is mean to me and my sister Christina they are my Moms side are coming for the night! the meanest are Olivia,Jami and Ema dad is coming to pick us up and hour before they come and we will be staying with Janes three children Charlotte,Kate and ella they’re rely nice to me and christina they’re getting a puppy tommorrow morning if a boy they will called it Benjiman if a girl it will be called Candy also Jane is having twins two twin boys Identical acording to the doctor!Jane is naming one Jack and dad is naming the other Jason. jason and jackson they’re cat Molly died of a animal fever called CHISI which stans for cathurtinchsillyinter i think thats what it6 stands for. i just call it C-H-I-SI
    bye from Ashleigh and Christina!

  25. Hi People it is me Ashleigh and Christina’s Mom! My name is Aqulera thats how my name is spelt. Christina got named of Jamie Whitson and i named Ashleigh. we split up last month on 12TH November because of an argument and Jamie was sick of Ashleigh and Christina. he moved out to London he is coming to pick the kids up Tommorrow to take tghem for the night to jane and his house with the kids! Twins with Jamie it must Be Jane who brought up the twins because she has a twin sister and so does her Mom! so i will see you later just to tell you she cannot come on Club Penguin she is going to hr dads

  26. hello again people we ae going to our dads on Saterday. we can not enter club penguin we are addicted to it so mom told us not to go on so we are giving both of our accounts away i have two ashleigh has one
    my account
    user: Christina222
    Pass: whitson
    Ashleigh account
    User: magicalzora1
    Pass: kiddy
    My other acccount
    Pass: ashleigh and christina
    alos here is a free toy code to unlock items online
    unlock this Shit

  27. Hello,Jane is typing this because i am a fast typer. ashleigh and christina showed me this and told me to tell you I am not calling one of the boys Jack or Jackosn anymore he is going to be Called Nick instead the children thought of the name because i really wanted a name beginning with N They told me Nick Charlotte wanted him to be called Jason2 because she is just 3. Christina came up with Nick ashleigh came up with Nicolous which i didn’t like Kate came up with Norman which is awful. if hey were twin girls i would have called them Emma And Amy or amy and rosie i don’t know!
    well i will see you guys later

  28. My birthday is 17th of February. I am now 8. Also I have been to a Spelling Club after school. I now know how to spell the words that I was stuck on.

    I had a great time at my dads house and the twins were born on the 14th of January. They are called Nick and Jason. They are very cute. They were at my house on Sunday.

  29. Hey, everyone. In the Summer hols I got married to Jamie. I am now pregnant with a daughter, here are the suggested names:


    I have came to a descision with the kids and Jamie. With no followed problems, KATRINA is the winning name. Thought by Ashleigh.

  30. thats fake. just go to

  31. Probably your best article I have ever seen

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