Haii, wanna be an administrator? Just leave comment, and we can make it happen !

Published on June 14, 2009 at 8:49 pm  Comments (19)  

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  1. I will take the job! I’m great at blogging! I put up really exciting news! I even spread the truth over e-mail! I spread it by blog, by e-mail and even sending letters around the world! I’m a pro! You’ll LOVE working with me!

    joey453; ohkie dokie artichokiee;D you have to make a wordpress account. tell me when you’ve done so !(;

  2. Oh! I just remembered! I sold my account! Sorry! I can’t do the job!

  3. I can’t use the same e-mail though.

  4. look! I just can’t do it. I’m sorry. I tried. The only thing I can do is at least help you with the video. Once again I’m REALLY sorry but that’s all I can do. If I keep making new accounts people are going to want to buy them! I said I was a pro right? That’s why people want to buy them! They think that they’re REALLY good. The keep paying me $100, $1,000 and $10,000.000! I just can’t stop it. I can’t say no to selling them because first they hack into my account then they change it and then they pay me! I try to get back the website but I can’t because the own it now!

  5. I just can’t get them back! The other people own the website now and I can’t hack into my account again because they always change the password. They won’t even give up the websites for money! PLEASE HELP ME!

  6. where is this webcite??? we can try and organize a strike….

  7. I forget all of the names. They were taken away from me a long time ago. Oh! Wait! I do have a website that nobody took! It’s a really good one but it’s not a wordpress account. It’s a webs account. It has stories about ClubPenguin on the front page. It also has a calender! Go to

  8. Go to the Chat With Other Authers Page and leave a comment that says if I got the job or not.

  9. i can upload it now… im not sure if it will work on wordpress but i can give it a try… email me at

  10. hey i want to be a administrator pls make me one

  11. I own a website with over a million hits a day. I could mabye help you……

  12. hire me ill do anything

    Catlord: i can still hire people becouse Joey still has not removed me…. but dont go thinking im back ok???? first you need a workpress acount coment here when you have gotten one

  13. same thing with you hitclubpenguin, if you whant a job here just tell me the name of your wordpress account and the email you used to make it

  14. ME ME ME!!!! PLEASE!! IM GOOD AT ADMINISTRATING!!! 😀 bambersshacksandcheats is my wordpress account 🙂

  15. My email is (edited)

    Catlord: working on adding you 🙂

  16. I would like to apply. Please let me get this job. I like to make stories.

    Catlord: i cant add you sry, the email i get when i hit edit this is not linked to a wordpress account

    • Wanna work on my blog instead, it is way better

  17. I can !! If you want…Im from Norway but im learning english and i love ClubPenguin my penguin are member and 950 days 🙂

    catlord: you are added 🙂

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