it looks like im going to surgery this Monday :.( but thats almost ok becouse my dad said he might (or might not[depending on how mony is]) buy me a labtop. also some new things on club penguin like i forgot to tell you guys that a new item isat the coffee shop and there is a member room in the forest. dont worry non-members its not that interesting. theres just a member item in it. also the penguin play awards will start this fryday. heres the picy from Club penguin.



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  1. I’m sooooo sorry that you need surgery. I hope you feel good enough to keep blogging.

  2. Dear Joey, I hope you’ll feel better soon. While you are gone I will take over your website for you. Love, tr0131

  3. tr0131 its not joey its catlord!!!!! joey has no time anymore and aint ever coming back

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