play sneack peack


a penguin play awords is comeing soon to club penguin. im not sure what that is but im sure that there will be fun prizes and other things! here is the picy




i just found out it was a member event… but dont worry i will show you non-members it 🙂

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  1. oh and you should tell its only for members too

  2. wwhat? it is? im going to check that….
    your right it is! that tucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! club oenguin ceeps give non-members the short end of the stick

  3. thanks

  4. well thats cause well club penguin needs members so they can pay bills of club penguin and it is really special and they make ppl want to be members with all the cool events plus its fair its like paying for monthly $5.00 to pay for badge to get in member stuff so if ya non-member then ya got to become one and also PLEASE WE NEED JOEY BACK THIS SITE IS LIKE THE HORIBBLEST SITE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT JOEY TO MAKE THE COMMENTS ON TIME AND MAKE THE BIG SECRET FOUR OUT FOR PPL TO ENJOY SINCE THIS LET EVERYONE DOWN THAT ITS NOT COMING OUT AND IT EVEN LET ME DOWN AND I STILL COME BUT THIS HAS LIKE 3 PPL A DAY HURRY AND GET JOEY BACK TO SAVE THIS SITE FROM BEING SHUT DOWN BECAUSE TO LESS PPL= SITE SHUT DOWN GET JOEY BACK PLEASE

  5. im sorry that Joey is gone but i cant help that. just remember that that she said that she will be back

  6. i E-mailed Joey and told her what your saying but i did not get i reply yet….

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