im back


im back from camp now!!! :). im soooooooooo glad to curl up in my bed other then the smallish spleping bag on a  cold, wet, hard matress. also, the sait pratics day is comeing out in March 13. heres the sneack peack of the party


and one last thing, i have been getting a few Questions on what happened to Joey so im putting a coppy of the post she rote before she stoped posting here






Im sorry, once again.

I’ve been grounded, and busy.

Thank you, catlord, for updating the blog.

Your awesome.

But, heres the deal:

I finished the Big Secret Four, uploaded it on youtube, and everything. Yes, it’s on there.  But you can’t watch it. The video, as I now find out, was too long.


So I either have to find the video on my computer again, or make it all over again.


Yes, it IS taking forever.

Should I just give it all up?

It’s kinda frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, you tell me.

Keep working on it or give up?

I have some important news:

Sadly, I never have time for Club Penguin anymore.

So, Im rarely on.

I think Big Secret Four might be my last Club Penguin video.

I’ll still get on the blog, and Club Penguin….occaisonally…


Not as much as I need to to keep up.

So, Im thinking…I should have a party.

Like a sort of farewell party, but not farewell forever.

I’ll be back.

Oh, I’ll be back…

But, as I said before, not as much as you want me too.

So, I’ll try and think of a time that I could do that.

And, I’ll notify all of you about it as soon as I do.


Have fun on Club Penguin while you can, because sadly as you get older you won’t be on it anymore.

Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Well, goodbye… for now,


Oh, and P.S.: you can add me on myspace if you want a way to contact me faster.

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