hi guys,

not much has happened lately so i did another one of my games where there is no pjrize :). i show you pictures and you figure out where there from. yay! lets start!

have fun!
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  1. the first picture is from ********* and the 2nd is from ******** and the last picture i think is from ****** but im not sure (hope im right lol)

    Catlord: 3/4

  2. first is ******** second is ****** and last is ********

    Catlord: 3/4

  3. i will be editing coments so that no one can cheat off of othere people, but i will also give score

  4. im poing to go play the third game now

    i will give you a hint about that one:
    you can find it at
    or at

    good luck trying to find it in milloins of games 🙂

  5. I only know the 1st one is ******* and the second is ********

    Catlord: 2/4 🙂

  6. give us a hint on the third one!!!

  7. i did i did, but if i have to i will give you another hint, its not a multpyayer is a a very old game

  8. hey about the you tube thing The Big Secret 4 can i be apart of it my club penguin name is Janelle65

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