sry its been a while

im not really sure what

happed but i was planning on doing

a post showing rockhoppers ship and the coins

for change areas but i was to intrested in some of the stuff in club penguin

so im sry


now im sure that you all now

how rockhoppers ship looks like so

there would be now piont in showing it

but if you did not see it yet



its very cool


there is one in rockhoppers

quarters, at the beach and the plaza



this person named happy77 (she said she was here since the begining of club penguin)

is starting to post at the club penguin blog



it says on the box “snow”

i think that club penguin is fibbing to us

i think its Christmas decerations

also it could be snow

becouse everyone nows

that Christmas is in winter

and in winter it snows more…

but Club penguin has snow everywhere

why would they have to import more of it…

thats all for today


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  1. the snow could be for like makin snow fall form the sky =]……and uh you spelt rockhopper wrong the first r was a uh c wen yu spelt it…

  2. oh oops i better change it

  3. 🙂 cool. there are more boxes at the… well nevermind they are all at the cove, town and ski village

  4. ya i just found that out the day after i made the post

  5. so cool

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