new page

hey guys,

i created a new page to this blog


this is where i will be posting questions

for the blog and you will anser them

Coins for change

also during Dec. 12-22

club penguin will be doing coins for change again

they are giong to plit a milloin dallers between three groups

the groups are

1. Kids who are really sick

2. kids who can not afford to go to school

3. Kids that have been hurt by war and have no parents

im not sure about you but im going for 3


i got bord so i made a stupidity test

click here to take it

(note: plz do not use your real name)


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  1. i made a quiz to

  2. lol i got 40%!!!! im dumb! not rlly

  3. I only got 40%!! And it said “you are not very bright are you” 😦

  4. hey please take mine its good any easy

  5. ya i think i made it a little hard

  6. its funni

  7. i made another quiz that is much esier but longer

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