mini game

hey guys,

i got a little game for you

spot the differents:


note: there are about 4 differentses see if you can find them all


PS if you are wundering whos penguins those are there mine and my brothers

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  1. 1- Different penguin colour
    2- Different belt colour
    3- No geta sandals on the red penguin
    4- No black mask on the red penguin

    Too easy!!


  2. wht mousy sed lol

  3. ya i mde it easy

  4. yep that was easy all you had to do was just see what the other penguin had on or if it was a different color

  5. lol pokmun ur funny and cats suck so find another name for ur penguin! o em g! lol

    everyone has there own likes and dislikes
    so you know what
    im not going to change my penguin name

  7. you’re right! some people HATE mice and hamsters and are scared of them (lol), but I love them!!! 😀

  8. hm im chagin my name toooo Muppet gal lol so if yu see a comment fomr tht name its meee

  9. tada!

  10. w-w-wait am I funni I cant be! serious nah! never

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