i found a glitch

what had happened was that i had lost a game

of card-jitsoo and won my green belt

comment if this had happend to you

also i will email club pengiun and tell them about



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  1. that happened to me!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok

  3. it happened to me aswell, but if it didn’t, getting the black belt would take months… 🙄

  4. tht happened to me like four times 😀

  5. club penguin still did not email me back on that but im starting to think that it works on points and you get a little bit of points when loseing

  6. your right about the points catlord…you see every time you play the game whether you win or lose you still get experience points no matter who wins or loses so thats how you got the belt you dont always have to win to get the belt

  7. ok thats weird
    i looked at the “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)”
    post and it said PIE
    thats strage
    im going to check it out
    what douse pie have to do with glitch

  8. thats how i got the black belt lolololololololololololol

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