Im having a party THIS THURSDAY on the BEANIE server!!

 It’s Halloween themed, so make sure you dress in a great costume!

 It will be at my igloo on the map! It’s at 4:30 PST.

If you want to meet me on Club Penguin, this is your best chance.

I probably won’t be on much after that. So…COME!!

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  1. 4.30 am or pm??

  2. pm

  3. pm.

  4. I’m sorry, I can’t come anyway 😦 am I’ve got school and pm I’ll be in bed 😦 I’m really sorry

  5. It’s ok…

  6. i missed because that post was moved to the top!

  7. im sorry you missed it

  8. darn missed it lol oh well

  9. sorry lots of peopple did

  10. lol

  11. sorry i missed it but i was having to much fun on the ice breaker sever i was in my igloo with lots of penguin dance till i was asleep so i proberly had more fun and my things that nobody else can get my igloo was a trick or treat bowl if you came you could get a million dollar background sorry that i didnt say

  12. man! I missed the party!

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