pEnGuIn GaMeS!!!!!

The penguin games are here!!!

Do alll the activities to get a special prize!!!!!

Win the gold medal!!!!!


Go for it!

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  1. I went for it, I won a gold medal, (Did it very gracefully and speedily) I’m tired out in the coffee shop then I get attacked by defensive penguins who were going for the red team just because I was sporting blue team, then I went to the cove to relax so I started just lying on my back, floating (Or shall I say, float swimming) and then I just started somehow drowning, and then it took about 5 minutes for the lifeguard to notice and the he started saying he was sorry and kept talking instead of bringing the emergency kit, and then I kept coughing through the way but I was fine, then I was chased by a ninja and then I figured that my igloo was the safest place, but it wasn’t, because there was an angry mob somehow there and my puffle kept frowning, even though it’s not a black puffle so then I just decided to leave clubpenguin for the day and that’s how my day went.

    I went Kerpuffle.
    PS. I’m the first one to comment!
    🙂 🙂 :):)

  2. Geez, people are really defensive for their teams. They keep having wars in the coffee shop and dojo. I wore green instead so that I would not represent any team. I was very afraid of being run down by an angry mob.
    (PS. The stage is a dangerous place. Watch out for the dodge balls they throw at you!)

    So what TEAM are you sporting!?

  3. lol

  4. oh yeah, i love the blue team! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally am a blue team member!

  5. Hey, that’s great you’re on the blue team.

    Hi Aunt Artic,

    I was thinking that Club Penguin was sporting blue more than red and that’s because I see signs all over clubpenguin but some red posters aren’t as great as blue teams.
    Also, It make more sense to support blue team because CP is all about penguins and penguins live on ice, live near ice and survive only on ice (well, most penguins, at least) and so what’s the point of supporting the opposite element that the penguins need?


  6. aunt artcic? you mean aunt alaska

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