Rockhoppers here! (and other stuff)

Rockhopper is here…along with a scavenger hunt!

It’s pretty easy, if you know your way around Club Penguin….there are hints too.


But if you need help….I or someone else can help you. Just leave a comment saying where your stuck at.

And if you want to meet Rockhopper…..just go on Mammoth  and wait in the Cove, Dock, Town, or Beach.

He is mostly on that server.


WiNnErS oF tHe BS4 CoNtEsT!!!!!!!

reallylol with the number 15!!!!!♦

Ds45 with the number 28!!!!♦

minmi100000 with the number 23!!!!!♦

luanne23 with the number 26!!!!♦

Mr. Madiso56 with the number 18!!!!♦

yoku65 with the number 45!!!!!♦

The number was 14!!!!


I will contact you all through email soon…

If you want me to contact you some other way…tell me. =)

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  1. …………………… OH YEAH BABY!!!!! Thanks joey! Sorry to all the other contestents…

  2. That didnt win

  3. Oh and joey, do you know my email?

  4. uhmm
    When you leave a comment you should have to fill out the emai bar….if you don’t and your in the BS4…please leave your email in there. Only I will be able to see it.

  5. i cant believe i won

  6. ok, so you do know my email! lol. ok thanks

  7. awesome me and minmi won and are in…..i got a feeling this next movie will be the best..if its the last one oh and joey if u want to contact me use my other email ok that one is better and sometimes the one i am using now doesnt receive emails and is marked as spam ok?

  8. or joey you can contact me on youtube either way is fine by me

  9. well my number was 43 but 45 works to

  10. hey dont e-mail me just meet me somewhere in club penguin ty

  11. oh my gosh cool

  12. yeah same with me

  13. joey wheres zizzles

  14. hey joey how to you become a ninja???????? please tell me

  15. gonna be out of town till thursday so make it like friday plz

  16. Ummmm
    Zizzlez quit the blog I think.
    He stopped coming on it.

  17. oh

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