The Big Secret Four Trailer!!!!!!!!!

The Big Secret Four Trailer!!!!!

Watch it!

And for those of you who want to be in The Big Secret Four, keep commenting your numbers on the previouse post!


I might have a small party later….I’ll post again if I do…keep an eye out!!!!


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  1. wow a trailer for The Big Secret 4 im watching this and rating it

  2. also i thought we could only put 1 number in

  3. dear joey453,
    i love your videos, i emailed them to all my friends,
    i am a big fan, i would love to be in your video,

    your biggest fan

  4. i hope the video is cool,

  5. Wow
    I have a fan

  6. wow the vid is so cool! good luck on the whole thing

  7. Thanks

  8. ill watch it

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