I am really sorry guys


I can’t do the video with all the people that I was going to do it with

Only a couple people


Yes I know

Be mad at me


Im really sorry

It wouldn’t work out that way

But I will still have SOME people in it…..

Im going to do a contest for it

Pick a number 1-45

First six people to reply and get it right (or closest) win and get to be in the video


PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And goodluck to those who do the contest.



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  1. hmm 1-45 huh… number will be 28 and im sticking with it

  2. ummm 15

  3. ummmmm

  4. umm 1

  5. 2

  6. i think 3 is it 3? my answer is 3

  7. its gonna be five!!! 5

  8. 4

  9. 5

  10. 26

  11. uhhh 1000000000000000 just kidding i will choose……………. uhhh…………….. 46 jk jk lol lol ok seriously awnser! 18

  12. did i win did i win!

  13. JOEY!!!!!! Sly is in shiver right now! 7:52 pst

  14. OH sorry joey
    how should i put this

    in a nice way


    scroll down



  15. us?

  16. whos us

  17. pokmun do u want to be a mod on my site?

  18. what mr madiso is trying to say is he joined with sly and now there gonna try and blow up clubpenguin or just the middle of it…..a spy of mine told me that he joined sly

  19. the spys name is kyuubi if you wanted to know

  20. a mod on ur site uhhhh what exactly is a mod on ur site?

  21. u can write post and stuff

  22. i sent an email about it

  23. sent who an email about it?.

  24. me

  25. who did yu send an email too?

  26. you!

  27. HOW did yu do that

  28. you commented on my site i can can tell ur email from the comment

  29. yupp you can do alot of stuff when you have your own site…also rockhopper is said to be at clubpenguin tomorrow so im gonna wait all night untill he comes

  30. o

  31. s o will u post plz

  32. Grrrrrr….. kyuubi was a spy! He couldnt have been!!!!! I made sure of it!! WELL, WE WILL BLOW UP CLUBPENGUIN, ME AND SLY! THERE IS NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING THAT WILL STOP US!!!!

  33. ummmm…

  34. …………………

  35. …………………………………………………..

  36. …………………??????????????

  37. ………………………………………………………….????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  38. uh oh he is gonna blow up clubpenguin with sly!!!!…….this cant end well we gotta pull the plug on this and STOP them at all cost do what ever it takes to stop them get agents get ninjas if possible and stop them

  39. and yes kyuubi was a spy he works for me…any other questions

  40. ds go on my website and lets talk about this problem on my chat ok?

  41. ok ill be there soon

  42. ok!

  43. ds are u coming?

  44. um 43 thats me i hope i win

  45. ok its me yoku again im a huge fan of the big secret and i mean HUGE!! like bigger then the univers man please please tell me that you number is like 45 (dont tell me thats cheating)

  46. oh and dont e-mail me for some reason no one can ok bye until my next comment

  47. and everyone please dont ban me but (im a agent) please please dont tell anyone and please please dont report me please ok bye

  48. cause if i got banned me mom will be ferious with me!! cause she paid $50 for me to to be a member and it has not ended yet (dont tell anyone that im a member and please dont report) thank you

    see how much i am as a fan?!?!?

  49. and thats not my e-mail in this comment it is but you cant send a e-mail cause idk why lol

  50. so just meet me in club penguin at yoku65s igloo on server white house at PST 5:00 to 7:00 PST will be fine if i win thank you

  51. tomarrow

  52. ???? and this guy is who now?

  53. ds plz go to the password protected chat page
    or the normal one

  54. i missed alot

  55. ???

  56. sorry for posting so many comment =O

  57. sorry if i botherd you guyz but who won this contest or is it still going?

  58. kyuubi is not a spy, he is my best friend and he works for me and sly! get your facts straight! MWAHAHAHA also cp will blow up

  59. hehe i agree with minmi…..oh and kyuubi is pretending to be your friend so he can continue working for me so hahaha now who has the facts straight

  60. lol

  61. Well
    I guess there is no more people who are going to put they’er Im going to end the contest now…..

    • Who won Joey? Who won? Come On! Tell Us Who Won!

  62. no i will do one i say 23

  63. i thought u cant destroy clubpenguin only the creator of it

  64. yeah i thought so too but it seems sly and mr madiso have found a way………..


  65. i dont think they have

  66. well theres only 1 way to know for sure and that is……we must find either sly or mr madiso and ask them if they did find a way im sure they will talk

  67. ok im here
    and im answering your question… me and sly have found a way. im not telling how. im not telling who or when. but im just tellling that we did find away.

  68. TELL US HOW!

  69. ohh if they wont talk then we will have to force them to talk….i just havent figured how yet

  70. ok im on club penguin server shiver right now

    who ever dares to see me do as you wish

  71. ?

  72. 22 ps im back

  73. its a little late

  74. im goin on shiver

  75. ok shiver is too quiet im going to alpine

  76. is enyone else goin on

  77. alpine is full
    im on antartic

  78. ok

  79. umm joey453 who is the winers for the contest for the video?

  80. 19

  81. 43.5… No, My guess is thirty eight (38)

  82. Please be 43!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I would say 34? you rock Joey!

  84. 1-45? My number would have to be 4 becuase its the big secret 4. Im hopeing im right! 😀

  85. Joey you should through a party on cp and post the time and date on here like a new years party! 😀

  86. ummmmmmmmmmm 45

  87. Yarr! 30!

  88. 4

  89. Hey Joey! Remember Me?

  90. Wow! It’s 1Biker1 I remember him from “The Big Secret” He was in part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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