New Video!!!!! (and a BS4 update!)

I made a short random video of the Music Party!

It’s not really exciting..


I added some special effects and music

it’s pretty cool

To watch it go to:


Good news!

I got my video editor and recorder to work….so……Big Secret Four coming soon!


I NEED you to put your penguin name and your part…or else you wont have a part in the video.

=( Yes I know it sucks, but I have to get started on making the script…and I need your parts and stuff..

So PLEASE leave it or I have to cast some more roles out…=(


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  1. Name Ds45 but ill be using Dc919589 since the other account is banned thanks to a hacker and the role is im in the group of 2 penguins

  2. im a zombie my name is minmi 100000

  3. idk if i can be in it since u said only the ppl ho won the contest but my name is Huff123 and i go on Glacier and idc witch part to have if u do let me in

  4. idk if i can be in becuz u said only the ppl who win the contest can but i realy want to be in it idc witch part i would get if i did get to be in the video

  5. i dont really know either what parts do u have

  6. wait will the parts still be the same even though theres only about 6 of us in The Big Secret 4?

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