New Contest! (and winner anounced!)

There is a new contest on the OK WIERD page!!!

Check it out!




















You get to make  a video with me! You can pick the topic and the people who are in it and..just about everything!

Just leave a comment saying your idea and stuff and a time and date to meet and film!



Iv’e been thinking

I haven’t had a party at all all summer long!

So Imma have one soon!


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  1. wow i knew pokmun143 would win

  2. :O

  3. i i i have no idea what to say

  4. any suggestions on what the film should be about
    ……i think i know who i want in it

  5. all i can say is this….the video can be about anything u want it to be pokmun143 as long as u can think of an idea

  6. =)

  7. uhhhhhhhh no i cant think of anything lol

  8. i know who i want in it if they want to be in it

  9. okk

  10. hmm cooldude ds45 (on his backup peng)….hmmm me uh yu joey…..and i think thats it

  11. ok pokmun143 i will be honored to be in a video with u and the others so i accept the invitation….i wonder what it will be about

  12. i do not have a clue what it will be about

  13. any ideas

  14. hmm well if i was making a video i would either do a music video or do a movie kinda thing……thats all


  15. hmmm we…could do a music vid but…….maybe…no… could work….

  16. ??? its up to u pokmun ur the producer

  17. make it like the other big secrets like in #3 that person cant fin joey so in #4 go find joey i think the title should be The Big Secret 4 Finding Joey

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