No, Brolly1435, it’s too late. YOU chose the place for battle. YOU told me not to be late. YOU didn’t show for something you planned out.  Now I make the shots whether you like it or not.  You have a little over three days to get an army together. Same goes for me. We meet at the Forest on Wind Chill. Monday, the 16th, at 5:00 PST. Be there or my army will invade your territory, and set all of your captives free. Then we will find you. Be ready.


If you want to be in my army leave aa comment saying that you do.

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  1. i want to be in army

  2. then you leave me no choice but to kill the remaining captives and YOU when we meet but how bout it if your tough enough to face me then ill go on CP in 1 minute and ill be at the town in shiver in WIDE open space so ill see anyone who wants to meet me soon

  3. That’s not the plan, dude, stick to the plan. You can’t have tricks. No tricks, no games, Im not playing around with you. We meet at the date set.

  4. im not in army anymore
    brolly u still on

  5. Ill like to join the army f I still can.

  6. mmmk

  7. i dont need any more fights but i will watch

  8. Oh?

  9. im so sorry i would help but… i just dont like to fight

  10. well maybe i can take your place cooldude since Brolly has betrayed every dark ninja i will see to it that he will be defeated

  11. Okay.

  12. ok!

  13. im on cp now i need to be careful……dont i?

  14. yup!

  15. not while im around

  16. wait, Is it Sunday the 15? And is it 5:00 am or pm?

  17. today at 5 pm pst time ok

  18. ok got it

  19. what R u talking bout?

  20. i cant make it i have some bissnis to take care no one ask because its deadly…..too deadly.

  21. YES the battle is tomorrow

  22. gulp……. I’m a little nerves about the battle……….gulp………oh well, and the battle is tomorrow???????

  23. Why is no one here?!?!?!?

  24. ?????????????/ why is no one here!!!!!!!!!

  25. is it really tomorrow?

  26. Oooops! I got the date mixed up! I thought tomorow was the 15th…not today. Im sorry guys. It’s tomorow, the 16th, same time same place.

  27. ok, thanks.

  28. thanks joey now i dont have to worry about missing the battle

  29. BATTLE what battle i love battles have i missed it?? if not can i come along

  30. its 5:00 pm pst and im on windchill in the forest and no one is there??

  31. its the battle between Joey453 and Brolly 1435 it will be on clubpenguin in the server wind chill at the forest and the time will be 5 pm PST time on clubpenguin and no you havent missed it cause its today and you can that server somewhere on the britain flag which is 2 flags over from the U.S. flag……that covers everything

  32. dont worry i might go there

  33. i went to the server and the forest it was 5:13 pm pst and they werent there ??

  34. is that what it says on the clock at the snow forts cause were going by that time

  35. it does say that in fact right now it says 5:57 pm pst time

  36. ummm i think the clock on the snow forts is broken again

  37. y

  38. i got a question for Joey453……..will you record the battle when it starts and finishes and then put it on youtube so everyone can see it? its just an idea you dont have to if you dont want to its all up to you

  39. has the battle happened yet

  40. nope

  41. oh when is it gona happent then!

  42. it will happen when the clock at the snow forts says 5:00 pm

  43. for me coz im in england it said that hours ago! so what am i spose to do

  44. unless they change the time of the battle i wont get to see it

  45. 😦

  46. tell me who won coz im going

  47. Not England time Pokmun143….Club Penguin time. Go to the Snow Forts and look at the clock. When THAT clock says 5:00, the war is starting. Ok? =)

  48. i want to be in the war what is the server???? plz tell me

  49. Uh, why don’t you read the post? It’s right there, Im not going to repeat it.

  50. OKAY. I’ve been sitting there for two hours. No one has come, so I guess no one is going to come? Not even you Brolly1435? Well I shouldn’t be surprised at this, you haven’t showed up for one battle yet. Im starting to wonder if you really are as tuff as ever one says you are, as tuff as YOU say you are. Becuase Im not seeing any of this tuff-ness so far. ……….. Oh..well now you join… that makes only you. So I guess it will just be you against me after all.

  51. wait its only been 23 min! Im coming! Wait! Oh come on! No one is here! its only been 20 min! sad face

  52. I was doing something important and didnt notice the time! When i was done it was 5:23!

  53. 😦

  54. fine Joey453 you win the battle against me BIG DEAL but like i said earlier there are many other dark ninjas waiting to meet you and one of the most strongest of them is Ninjaleader7 he is ALOT stronger and smarter and can make about 50 plans or more for attacking in less than 2 minutes also Sly Cooper Z he is another one i wouldnt want to challenge but i know sooner or later you joey453 will have to fight them

  55. also nearly at the end of this war you will fight against Dark Ninja24 he is the leader of all the dark ninjas and the strongest one of them all

  56. I won,of course. Too easy.

  57. I will have to fight him another time then. I had to go because I have ninja duty.Some other time maybe, unless he’s too scared to face moi.

  58. no Joey you must defeat all the other dark ninjas BEFORE you face the leader sorry its the way this war will go

  59. Ha.

  60. No duh. Of course, I’ll just EASILY work my way to the top.

  61. And Ill help with the war againts the dark ninjas! Well, sense I was the only one there to help you againts Brolly, I will help you with my life!

  62. Joey ill try to help you ok?
    im sorry ive missed a lot!

  63. i missed alot of chat……..

  64. i dont think you can beat the leader but if you can ill be surprised

  65. she will beat the leader

  66. Then I guess you should “prepare” to be amaized, Brolly1435.

  67. im on cp now is anyone else ?? (yes i do know i say this all the time)

  68. bye gtg

  69. is the video on youtube??????
    is there a video??

  70. video of what

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