Brolly1435, I challenge you to a battle.  For all of the poor penguins you have taken prisoner, including Gus14. Just You against Me. Meet me at the dojo tonight at  5:30 PST on Snowy River. Be there, or you forfait..and that means I and all the good ninja’s win.  Not tricks..no allies. Just us two in battle. Be there.

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  1. If your late, I only give you a half an hour then you forfate.

  2. So, you forfate, eh? Then I win and you must give up.

    hahahaha…………………..GOOD NINJA’S WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HA your nothing but a fool who is lost in there own imagination but how about we make the battle alittle more interesting if i win you stop being a ninja and if you win ill release all the penguins that i captured but sorry i cant bring back the ones i have killed so do we agree on my terms or not also keep in mind you must agree to the terms otherwise even if you win i wont release no one GOT IT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Mmmmhmmm..Im ready..Im ready to kill. Deal. I can’t be defeated. But ha, I need a time and place!

  6. ok how about the server thats right above Shiver if its not full and place is the cove ok and time will be tomorrow @ 5:00 pm PST time……sounds good?

  7. K

  8. Or, if your on now…how about now.

  9. Also, I don’t want to fight in a busy server.

  10. NvM

  11. hmm then its settled we meet today and dont forget the place and time and one more thing dont be late

  12. how bout we do it right NOW!!!
    orherwise i might miss it
    i wont help
    i just want to WATCH

  13. Noooooo cooldude…You shouldn’t watch or even be near it. This battle could get deadly, and if your there you might get hurt.

  14. o

  15. so there will be a fight at 5:00 pst? thats coming up close! Should i go tell people to leave the cove?

  16. Yeah..that would be a good idea…

  17. Hahaha…are you ready to be defeated once and for all Brolly 1435? Hmm…?…You will lose!!! And you forfait if your not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope your not too CHICKEN to come!

  18. MMMhmmm! YOURRR LAAATE! Your gonna have to forfait soon! HAHAHA

  19. You do know you get a PENALTY for being late right? HA

  20. hmm i didnt say anything about a penalty issue so therefore it is not used against me…….also if ur still awake right now then how about we settle this once and for now RIGHT NOW!!!!!! otherwise those poor agents will never see clubpenguin again


  22. really!!!!! did it crush anything =P

  23. wow did anyone get hurt?

  24. thats what i wanna know?????!!!!!!!!

  25. well actualy it was really close to my town, it was in New Ulm
    and there was one in Iowa that went through a boy scouts camp

  26. i heard of that one with the boy scouts camp…….it wasnt really good either

  27. no it wasnt

  28. i heard to and brolly isnt tuff he momentairly distracted me the point is the army was stoped and swordmaserz is a liar (sorry its true) and a cowerd and i weakened the army down to a one server attack wich we won again with out the help of swordmasterz i was the only one cwolified to lead the war at the server so i did PENGUINS RULE!

  29. i heard to and brolly isnt tuff he momentairly distracted me the point is the army was stoped and swordmaserz is a liar (sorry its true) and a cowerd and i weakened the army down to a one server attack wich we won again with out the help of swordmasterz i was the only one cwolified to lead the war at the server so i did PENGUINS RULE!

  30. and when he did capture me i could only help ten penguins escape the rest i put a trakind divise on and the signal was lost….i think they didnt make it.

  31. :O didnt make it!

  32. =/

  33. ………………………………………………………………..

  34. Gus all the words you say are not 100% true ill admit if you didnt weaken the army MOST of the servers would have been taken over and yes you did lead but what you didnt know was i was destroying maybe about half the army while undercover but at the end i decided to let you take care of the rest

  35. and Gus the tracking devices you put on did not give off a powerful signal and by that time Brolly re captured the ones that escaped sorry i couldnt do nothing since there was a…………..lets just say someone you wouldnt want to battle was there and i couldnt get the remaining penguins out of harms way

  36. also if Gus doesnt think im tough and is a cowerd then maybe WE should battle to TEST that theory but i warn you once you accept this battle you WONT be able to stop it untill there is only one of us left standing

  37. hey Joey453 can I be in your army to defeat someone please. see ya.


  39. ha go ahead and do that eder15 but wait theres more if you capture any more penguins then both ninjas and agents will be after you sorry but its true and thats how it works……trust me im speaking from experience

  40. what kind of experience?

  41. where did everyone one go coz there isnt many ppl talking on this website atall

  42. the experience that i have is well it deals with getting chased by both ninjas and agents on clubpenguin all because someone said i robbed the sports shop which i didnt and yet im still running today but they wont catch me cause they dont know i only go on the shiver server but i told them i go to the mammoth server and i havent seen the agents or ninjas since also i think there still looking for me at that server

  43. but no agent or ninja knows that hahaha in there faces

  44. also what happened to Zizzlez why dont he come on anymore?

  45. no one has been comin on lately

  46. Yeah…sorry I haven’t been on in a while. My internet has been on and off all week.

  47. I don’t know why Zizzlez doesn’t get on. I think he has his own blog or something. But he doesn’t have his page anymore, so it’s open for anyone else who wants it.

  48. ok i want it could u somehow give it to me

  49. sory sowrdmasterz THEIR IS A HACER THAT WAS ON MY USER YOU DEFETED THE ARMY I WAS BUSY!!!!(dont ask what i mean by busy cuz its top secret) (and by was i mean the hacker is iliminated)

  50. and by busy leading the army on few servers you defeted the rest! just to make it clear.

  51. that hacker got on my nervers swordmasterz here is no liar. ohh and no need to battle any more i dont think your a cowerd or not tuff….but if your still up with a duel im all ears! This time lets not try to kill each other like last time ok.

  52. hmm im glad u have returned gus but right i cant battle anyone for now also i dont know if anyone knows this but i learned clubpenguin is having a war its Agents VS Robbers VS Ninjas….and it wont be easy for there are 2 leaders for the agents and 2 leaders for robbers and so far no leader for the ninjas and let me tell ya when they start recruiting more people this war could do some serious damage to clubpenguin and theres a music festival going on tomorrow so this might be a good time for them to gather more people oh man if only we can stop the war before it starts

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