Im back!!!!

I got my internet fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! I survived a whole MONTH!!!! I almost died!!!!!!!!! But Im back and GAWD Iv’e missed so much!!!!!!!!

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  1. hahahahaha so the ninja Joey453 has returned and here i thought this would be the end of her but it had to be the opposite…….ohh well soon everyone will be sold out on clubpenguin and not the buying kinda way either untill next time

  2. Hmmmmmm, not all of your dreams may come true, swordmasterz!

  3. ahh but thats where your wrong cause i WILL make them become reality and no one will stop me hahahahahahaha

  4. anyone one cp???

  5. i am on it now

  6. theres a huge igloo party goin on in deep freeze

  7. its over now

  8. i was on earlier to see the attack but i might go back on now

  9. was there an attack then

  10. yes indeed there was it happened on clubpenguin in the shiver server at the agent HQ and 20 agents have disappeared from that attack and i know who the attacker is and it wasnt good you wouldnt want to be there when it happened

  11. who attacked

  12. it was a ninja that…… not a good one

  13. not a good one oh noooooooooo

  14. was it YOU swordmasterz did you attack the agents……………

  15. maby because sword masterz is not good

  16. at fighting

  17. oh and if you think thats your best i took down so many ninjas i cant count em

  18. ohh i am good at fighting infact i made a few moves myself and i had nothing to do with the attack it was a Dark Ninja named Brolly 1435 who was supposed to be locked up but escaped somehow and now he is getting his revenge and from my sources say 50 more secret agents on clubpenguin are gone……but more could be gone as the day goes by so if i was you all i would take cover somewhere BEFORE Brolly finds you hahahahahahaha

  19. Yes….I would have to actually agree with swordmasterz here, Brolly is a very dangerous ninja. Until we can find him, keep and extra eye out for yourselves! Penguins are dissapeering left and right. He is either killing the ninjas…or hypnotizing them to make an army. But no mater what it is…watch yourself!!!!!

  20. Theres another water party on June 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Oh i saw brolly today! He just talked to me and did nothing. He then dissapered.

  22. your as clever as you are smart Joey453 and yes im not only using them to make a army but i am also killing them as well……not many people could figure that part out about what i do to the agents also i no longer work with the other dark ninjas i have become a dark rogue ninja which means i work alone killing about 10 or more agents a day and soon the agent status will drop to a big ZERO then clubpenguin will become helpless and to Swordmasterz ill destroy you if you get in my way so either keep out the way or leave your choice and to my fellow ninjas out there none of you no matter how strong you are I will defeat you all hahahahahahahaha

  23. and one more thing if you think you can watch out for me then you are mistaken for you see i can pop up anywhere at any time at any place so hiding wont do you any good

  24. Oh, but Brolly, you didnt kill me today! Ha! You just talkled to me! Oh and I saw Dark Ninja, and he told me what your doing with the agents, and I wont tell anyone.

  25. :-*

  26. swordmasterz r u and darkninja24 a.k.a. lord sigma friends???

  27. i met swordmasterz last night on cp

  28. i alredy met him HA HA

  29. there was meant to be an ”attack” last night BUT there was absolutely no one in the HQ except me an swordmasterz and he said he wouldnt be there if there wasnt gonna be a attack lol

  30. im on it now if anyone wants to know for some reason i cant think of

  31. what server
    my penguin name is Ghdff

  32. um any server i spose
    im on um er none yet u pick one

  33. im going on wotever ur on

  34. well ………….. wot one u on

  35. im going on snow drift on the english flag or i can log off an go on another

  36. snow drift is good lets meet at the ice berg
    whats ur penguin name???

  37. pokmun143 lol

  38. ok

  39. how about flurry ice berg
    i cant find snow drift

  40. is flurry ok???

  41. ok

  42. unbelieavible how bout grizzly
    flurry was FULL

  43. lol grizzly then

  44. uh oh

  45. soz ur igloo isnt loading

  46. ok

  47. it isnt??? sorry

  48. oh well atleast we met didnt we

  49. yup

  50. now what

  51. its nice to have someone to talk 2

  52. so your in the Big Secret 4 arent you????

  53. its nice to tlak to you too

  54. yupp


  56. .

  57. i want to be in the big secret 4

  58. ummm i know this isnt my style but i think i might need help because Brolly 1435 has turned against every single dark ninja on clubpenguin and he said he will destroy me when he finds me but hopefully we wont run into each other cause Brolly isnt on my buddy list but he knows every server i go on and every place i go to and THIS IS BAD……..the only place im safe in is the stage cause i know a few hiding places where no one can see me or see what i say either SO HAHAHAHA in ya face Brolly 1435 if your reading this then im already hiding so good luck finding me HA

  59. Fighting Classes. If you are inexperianced with fighting…I suggest you take a class. Find someone who will teach you self-defence. Or hang out with someone who is experianced (with fighting and/or self-defence)

  60. i feel as though your underestimating me Joey453 i doubt even YOU can stop Brolly 1435 from his wild and destroying rampage even as we speak he is probably capturing more and more agents as the time goes by

  61. what server and where swordmasterz ill help you!!!!!!

  62. Swordmasterz trust me just tell me where you are.
    Im doind this because today is DOOMS DAY

  63. 😦 😦
    But I will try to help you but i have to go some where in hour and half

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  64. 😥

  65. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  66. dooms day is next saturday

  67. AND YOU SAID BROLLY WAS TUFF! i captured him as we speak he is tied up in the dojo……how you do that……..take this………..ouch………dont worry i can take him……………

  68. im on cp now if anyone wants to know

  69. is anyone else on it???????????????

  70. HEY GUS you said you captured me huh well guess what that was a clone i made from one of the agents that i killed and brung back to life and made him look like me and changed his name and made him look like me so you could be left out in the open soo as they say to you all the time HA good luck you will never capture me EVER

  71. maybe its time i should kill the remaining agents left on clubpenguin that are hiding from me but no matter none of them will be left alive

  72. IM AN AGENT!!!!! and im alive

  73. same here im still alive

  74. And if your looking for an agent to kill, come to Shiver and to the HQ. Ill be waiting

  75. gus.

  76. brolly says your next, and you cant capture him

  77. Brolly. I am suprised that you have not figured out the trap that you are walking STRAIGHT into…

  78. im going on cp now i wonder if ill be killed hmmm probably not

  79. anyone else on cp

  80. heh

  81. pokmun, you still on cp?

  82. i am now

  83. heh i gotta say Joey453 there is no hope for you or the other agents or ninjas for you see once all the agents are gone i will go for the ninjas next….both good and bad ninjas so there will be no one that can stop me once my future plans come into action there will only be terror all over clubpenguin and to Swordmasterz tell the other dark ninjas im coming after them once im done with the recon mission in 2 days time

  84. anyone on cp??
    ill meet them there
    P.S im talking about you Brolly)

  85. im still alive
    and on cp now so is anyone else on

  86. what sever
    me on too

  87. found you

  88. ok what eve

  89. is anyone on cp ??

  90. bye gtg everyone and im still alive

  91. I will Survive!
    As long as i know how to love
    I know I will stay alive
    I’ve got all my life to live
    I’ve got all my love to give
    And I’ll survive
    I will survive

    HEY HEY!

    This is for brolly! You will not be able to kill all the agents! We will stand strong!

  92. I will survive! As long as i know how to love, I know I will stay alive. I’ve got all my life to live. I’ve got all my love to give and I’ll survive I will survive! HEY HEY!

    This is to you Brolly! We will not die! We will survive! The ninjas and agents will survive! We will not die!

  93. Heck yeah!

  94. hahahahaha you all make me laugh

  95. Why do we make you laugh, Brolly! Maybe your just hiding the fact that you know we can beat you!

  96. im laughing because you all cant catch me hahaha

  97. please don’t give us that someone will catch you sooner or later …….you can waddle but you cant hide Brolly

  98. that comment by anonymous was by me by the way lol

  99. haha
    brolly u on cp
    id like to meet you
    not capture
    i kinda want to be badd

  100. Don’t fall on his side cooldude…you don’t know what your getting into.

  101. go on cp to Shivey erin… er i mean joey ok go to the ice rink on shiver

  102. Joey u there
    i need to talk to you about me joing the dark side for good ok this is want i want
    dont be mad at me ok??
    I wont hurt you

  103. joey u therre

  104. joey!!!???

  105. 😥 😥



  108. im on cp now lets see whether im killed 😉 probably not

  109. im on blizaard

  110. at the pizza parlor

  111. at the pizza parlor

  112. u want me to meet you ???????

  113. maybe

  114. just say if u do

  115. coz no one has killed me yet so i have some free time

  116. not funny

  117. what server and where

  118. i enjoy being evil actually it works better when ur a dragon or something

  119. ??

  120. totally random typing there

  121. gtg byeeee

  122. I highly doubt you could hurt me cooldude. You want to be a dark ninja, well you actually don’t know the first thing about it. You think you do, but you don’t. Trust me, Iv’e studied this and even gone undercover as one…it’s not what you really want to be. It changes you. ONce going bad theres no going back. No one will except you back. If your bad, your on your own…not even the Dark Ninjas will help you.

  123. true once you go evil it will never let you go

  124. im on cp now is anyone else on?

  125. ill go on pokmun

  126. Erin, i doubt I want you to be my friend.Guys say I’m mean then you are mean.And if you say that, i’ll be friendless.

  127. :O

  128. A NINJA TOOK OVER GUS’S BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S i wont be dark any more if you help geuss.Tell me if you helped him.

  129. First of all…that’s not how you spell my name cooldude. Second of all…if your evil you are will have no friends if your evil. Third of all…I’ll help..but…who’s Gus?

  130. Gus14
    oh sorry
    im sorry about what i did and almost did.

  131. It’s ok. OKay…where was Gus when he was taken.

  132. he wasnt taken he was taken over
    he was at the pool

  133. That’s what I meant….but his spirit could still be at the pool. UNless..he is still stuck in the body..well..Ima go investigate anyways.

  134. What server???

  135. Can I help? Anyway, what server was he taken over?

  136. Ahuh..yeah..what server and did it just happen?

  137. no it happened 30 minutes ago
    server north pole

  138. ookkkk

  139. oookkkkk

  140. got it, im at the pool

  141. i go too
    my name is ghdff

  142. Did you see the ninja’s name?

  143. no he didnt even show up
    the server is full so ill keep trying

  144. well are you there joey/Eryn

  145. I…..uh…have to..uh try something different, ok.

  146. ok i have to go

  147. i have to go to supper
    bye guys

  148. bye byez

  149. bye

  150. the ninja that took over Gus14,a body was me hahahahaha also pokmun143 is right about the evil not letting go thing i must say it IS true BUT only with certain skills will you be able to CONTROL the darkness or evil and one more thing….Joey453 do you fear death or being abandoned by everyone you know for no reason at all

  151. NO, because I know that won’t happen to me….because I can kill anything that even dares to set a finger on me!

  152. hmmm strong words its too bad your not on my side cause you would be a great dark ninja but destiny has chose its sides for me and you to be on so i wont force you to go on my side i already know you wont join so for now ill see ya soon

  153. K

  154. i missed ALOT didnt i.

  155. Yes you did. You missed a lot!

  156. hm oh well im on cp now isanyone else on??

  157. from the looks of things i say no one else from this page is on

  158. well ill go on

  159. hey brolly want to meet on cp?
    if so tell me and how about the server above shiver at the ice rink

  160. im back on is anyone else

  161. im on

  162. what server??

  163. im on deep freeze on the english flag unles ur on another.

  164. no im going there now.

  165. k

  166. whats your penguins name?

  167. pokmun143

  168. mr madiso 56

  169. im there

  170. hhahahaha have fun cuties

  171. i gtg coz its late in england so bye

  172. bye till tommorow

  173. Your in England? Kewl.

  174. see ya!

  175. kool

  176. im so bored! Is anyone on cp? Like you brolly? Hahaha, jk. Is anyone on?

  177. waz up guys if anyone is on cp or is about to go on then ill be in shiver at the cove my cp is Itachi 170 and ill see ya soon if you show up ok……itachi out

  178. im on now. Im on shiver and at the cove.

  179. im on cp now is anyone else

  180. im about to go on ill be at the cove in shiver allright see ya later people

  181. ill go ther then

  182. im there the cove at shiver

  183. im back on is anyne elseeeeeee……………..anyone?

  184. idlk

  185. cant wait for the water party tommorow

  186. i might go back on

  187. yup

  188. im on ice cold on english flag if anyone wants to go on kk

  189. anyone else on??

  190. is anyone on

  191. bummer to be you
    all cold and lonely… JK!

  192. well im like you right now but, hungry!

  193. lol

  194. im back on ice cold

  195. hahahahahahahaha

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