The Big Secret Four update

Hey!!!! Im on Spring Break this week!!!! So… I was thinking of doing the movie later this week, or this weekend! But I can only do the movie if I have people for all the parts!!!

I need zombies, 4 penguins for the group of five, and an evil servant. If you know someone who might be interested in playing one of those parts, please please direct them to this blog!!!!!

Ninja2012 as 1 penguin out of the group of 5 penguins.

Cool dude as Head of Secret Agents.

Ds45 and icyskate818 as the group of two penguins.

liam199 as a zombie. 


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  1. OK sure ill be a zombe.(jeez the good ones are taken)

  2. hahahha yeah they are

  3. I will take a part, any part is fine.

  4. i would take part in it but im nor entirely sure because im on a mission right now and ill get back sometime soon (i hope)

  5. today is another baseball game and geuss what??

  6. i would like to have a part, i think that this would be good movie, i watched all 3, i i would like to be in it. any part would be fine if i get chosen. I got the stuff to be a zombie.

  7. k

  8. I wana join but not zomby like a secret agent or something.

  9. Jujube24, Irtahu, and mr madiso 56 as zombies.
    gus14 as the evil assistant

  10. what???? who is my Evil master

  11. The guy who died in the last video.

  12. oh do i get to live please

  13. remember that old saying `good will always win against evil`…..i dont entirely believe in it at all

  14. You don’t? I do. 🙂

  15. hey can i be a zombie too

  16. for the reason why i dont believe in the old saying is because either side can win… just…..gotta know how to win

  17. Jujube24, Irtahu,luannae23, and mr madiso 56 as zombies.
    gus14 as the evil assistant

  18. and im the head of secret agentd

  19. Ok i live right

  20. ???what

  21. as in i do not die and when is the vido????

  22. ooooo

  23. when is the vido????

  24. i donno

  25. when is this video and can i be a zombie?

  26. kool zombie madiso. When is movie filmin

  27. can i be a penguin out of the group of 5?

  28. WHEN IS IT FILMIN?????????? I’M ready when ever. I can go on any day.

  29. you should have some one that has glasses i have glasses (i’m talking about the ones from “april fools”)

  30. hahahahahha no

  31. hmm.

  32. Guys come to my 600 hit party (also super secret meeting) at 3:00 PST canada chinook dojo.

  33. today???

  34. when are we going to film the Big Secreat 4? I just can’t wait! It is going to be so kool!!!

  35. I would love to be a zombie because if i am not then i have to be grounded for two weeks!!!!!!!! so please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. did you know their are real zombies in clubpenguin dont get near them they will infect you.

  37. ewwww

  38. true.

  39. yooooo i want to join what server

  40. I have to set up another date for it….

  41. and the date will be…….

  42. ?????

    Joey453 syas: Idk

  43. sure could i be one of the zombies i have every color so i would be awesome i love all you youtube videos

    ps: will you be my friend on clubpenguin?

  44. oops i ment i love all YOUR youtube videos my bad 🙂

  45. please let me be a ZOMBIE

  46. I want to be a zombie because Zombies are my all time favorite monsters and I would do exactly what you tell me
    and my penguins name is hillbillyjoy my real name is gage. And if you dont want me in the movie its OK but just tell me I cant stand waiting without an answer I need to see the big secret 4. Cause i bet its going to be the best movie on youtube and you would just make me feel awesome if you let me in the movie so please please please let me be a zombie or anything PLEASE! I’m BEGGING YOU! Again can we be friends?

  47. uhhh hold on

  48. lol

  49. Hey, Id just like to say that Id really like to be in the movie, but 1 question would I be doing it in my home or something? Anyway my penguin name is Brownylisios!

  50. Hey, can I be a secret agent or something please?

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