=D April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

OMG!!!!!!! APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of my pranks on you guys!!!!! Im not quitting!!!!!!!! Why would I?? I mean CLUB PENGUIN IS AWESOME! =D Guess what!!!!!!! I just watched Final Destination 2 !!!!! Now Im kinda creeped out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually love to watch shows like that, my favorite tv shows are Medium and Law and Order SVU!! But man was that movie weird! Well anyways, back to the subject.  One of my favorite Club Penguin Parties is happening NOW!!!!!!! The April Fools pArTy!!!!! Go and check out the surpirse at CPIP!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! http://clubpenguin.com/cpip 😀 To get the pin you have to do the connect the dots game, to get the red propellar hat go to the ski village and it will be in a box, to get the swirly glasses go to the Cove and they also will be in a box. 🙂 My favorite parts of this party is the forest and the Dock! I would love to here yours!

Yours truely, Joey453

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  1. yay!!!! man that was some trick

  2. nice trick!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks! lolz

  4. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really did believe you until i saw the april fools page

  5. can you go to my site

  6. sorry that link didnt work. try this one

  7. what?

  8. so wait this means joey453 is not quitting clubpenguin and she is staying i got one word for that and it is AWESOME thanks joey453 i must say out of all the pranks and years of having april fools day i gotta say that one is the best one i ever heard of also you did have me believe you were quitting clubpenguin untill i seen the april fools page haha good one

  9. yeah same here

  10. lolz

  11. ye laugh all you want but WE might get you back!!!

  12. Uh oh!!!!!!!! I’ll be on the look out!!!!!!!!!! 8)

  13. hahaha
    hey joey453 my dad just told me we are MOVING!!!!!
    i dont know were but we have to SELL ALL our stuff!!
    so i have NOOOO computer and this is NOT a joke!!!
    do you think i would joke about this?

  14. Hmmm… How did you write that comment if you have NOOOO computer? 8)

  15. cool dude thats yer comeback…

  16. i know!!!!!!
    but i didnt move YET!!!!!!!
    i am moving on Friday!!!
    so say your good byes soon!!!

  17. P.S im givin the computer away on Saturday!

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