Bad News

Hey guys, I have some very, very bad news. Im quitting Club Penguin, forever. Im just getting too old, I guess. If you want to say goodbye to me, Ill be on the server Yeti tonight, for the last time. If you can’t make it out to see me, then I guess this is goodbye.

                                Good-bye, for ever.



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  1. hey allsome site come to mine some time

  2. Have Life in your house

  3. Joey453 why are you leaving clubpenguin also what time will you be on clubpenguin…PST time right?

  4. really? man this was one of my favorite sites

  5. u shouldnt give up cp just cause your getting older. its too fun for that

  6. please joey dont leave what about zizzles and aunt alaska

  7. yea joey453!!!!
    dont quit!!!!!!
    or i might

  8. What time will you be on?I will miss you.How come leaving this great website its awesome.I play and I was a member for a long time.I still like it.If you can can you be my buddy.My user Brownie2998.Can you please tell me what time you will be on if you are around.Miss you.

  9. Aww! Thanks for saying my website is awesome!!! Don’t worry! Im not really quitting! That was just one of my April Fools jokes! Happy April Fools! =D Ill be on tonight, though its already pretty late I won’t be on for ulong… so how about you tell me a time you want to meet me at?

  10. hey i want to meet you guys too even though joey453 is already my buddy

  11. yay! your the best joey you really had me going on that one!

  12. hahhaha

  13. you should have quitted since you and i both know what will happen to clubpenguin on the 2nd saturday of June this year…….hahahahahahaaha no way to stop it either

  14. sword masterz be at the battle between you and me at 4:00 chinook canada lodge you are going down ninja.

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