Hey ppls. Im kinda sorta grounded for a while, so I won’t be on much. 😦


Sorry! 😦

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  1. how

  2. aww man how do u do the crying thing

  3. you do press the two dots above eachother then write crys then put the dot things again i will do it

  4. i mean write like this 😥

  5. wgy did you get grounded

  6. hahahahahaha with Joey453 outta the way now my plans will go much faster then the rate they are now also prepare yourselves in June cause on the 2nd saturday of June the my Dark Ninja army will return

  7. 😈 😈 no u wont because my army will stop u and joey please join the army

  8. 😈

  9. Ha ha ha, not so fast swordmasterz! In June the GOOD ninjas will be bigger and stronger then ever!!! We will be letting ALOT of new ninjas to join our forces!

  10. Im grounded because I went to the mall straight after school with out telling my parents. 😐

  11. hey joey453! look i really want to be in you’re movie the big secret 4 but i don’t have the skull costume or the puffle pirate bandana =( =( =( can you please tell me where to get them? i don’t care which one you tell me how to get but i really want the puffle pirate bandana. i have a good feeling the bandana is in rockhoppers ship! i cant wait for it to open up! anyone please tell me how to get either

  12. 😦

  13. :confused: i dont know how to get them!

  14. yeah

  15. GOOD i could use the challenge you are providing me Joey453 but remember this i wont fail my army is already growing bigger as we speak

  16. cool

  17. i hate being grounded! it is no fun!:(

  18. they say that sometimes when you have too much fun there will be a consequence for it and then BAM it will hit you when you least expect it….i on the other hand know much about consequences and the price you pay for it….learn from mistakes not cause them hahahahaha unless your like me and make all kinds of trouble that is my way of living….whats life without alittle risk and causing trouble the answer is that life would be boring ohh well

  19. hmmm…. that is inspring maybe i should…..

  20. hmm theres more to you than meets the eye cool dude i see you are a rather rebellious and good listening type of person based on what you said and i agree with what you said that maybe you should cause trouble i know i do

  21. and also give in to the darkness in your heart and let it become your guide and follow it then thats when the FUN will begin

    Dark Ninjas RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. what?

  23. what i am saying is let the dark side control you and when it does follow it

  24. yea i know but your saying, wait what??

  25. ok maybe this is a better explanation……it means become evil and dont go back to being good no matter what……….hope that helps

  26. well maybe this helps…alright listen swordmasterz you better shape up now because when you grow up ppl wont except you to be mean!!!
    ok so then you will be pour and will be a hobo!!
    i dont think that would be fun do you??

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