Heres all the Easter Eggs! Can You Find Them?

The easter eggs for 08

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  1. hey!
    this is Bob..
    nice post!
    maybe you can check out my site sometime or add me to blogroll.

  2. Yeah i have the bunny earsGuys IM FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was in the boiler room with Gus and Trunks007 and we were hanging out and stuff but then suddenly i left and went in to a dark and small igloo and i think it was lord sigmas or someone.It was lonely in there and then a penguin came and put me in this jail sort of thing.iT WAS WORSE THAN THE igloo!The jail was small and SMELLY!!!!!!Then after about ohhh 10 minutes a penguin came in and broke me out!!!!!!!!I was soooo happy and afraid because i didnt know who saved me!(BUt it was not Ds45)
    I knew it wasn’t because his name wasnt Ds45 and now that i think about it i forgot his name!!!!
    WHen we were long gone from the jail the penguin said: “you are a lucky penguin.Be safe,”
    then he left me alone and i was scared again! SO i went to my igloo for a while and then logged off.

    THAT is what happened.

  3. hey joey is the fireplace in the ski lodge a ninja entrance?i watched a vidio saying it was.ok just wondering

  4. No, but above it there is a ninja on watch duty 24/7.

  5. i know in the mirror???

  6. please go to my blog

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