Guess Who?

hey penguins ur probly wondering who this is….well.. what if i told u he starts with a Z….. and then next letters or izzle Z hmm its ZIZZLE Z!! hey guys im back i really missed u guys its just that im sick and u know how that is so well ill be posting more and help joey deside on her thing. until

Waddle On!

Hi guys im here and guess what me and joey are so secret but dont tell nobody because its secret u can TEST 2 NEW SEVERS!! shhhhh dont tell no body ur a free member u get a lot of coins heres the link its soo col but dont tell  nobody because .. its secret AND guess what if u wear the soccer outfit its a glitch just wear it . its lol

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  2. soo the famous Zizzle Z is gonna be on here huh well this should be exciting….for me that is hahahahaha

  3. with the z !

  4. lol guys lol

  5. whats soo funny Zizzle Z????

  6. what they said

  7. what is the test for

  8. Hey! I was wondering why you havent been on in a while! Sorry everyone, I havent been on for a couple days, Ive been looken for new stuff for the blog and I got a webkinz the other day so I am trying to figure out how the heck you use it! lolz Ive also been on the test site with Zizzle Z 🙂

  9. hey Joey453 i got a question for you…how do you get the beta test hat??? i see people wearing them an when i ask them all they say to me is “i cant tell you” and then the person wearing the hat just dissappears after that……

  10. Report the people you see wearing the beta hats. Their all hacking. On other blogs it says you can get banned with this new hack, dont listen to them! You can get banned for hacking at anytime, plus it is illegall.

  11. OK

  12. guys guys if u are seeing the guys with the beta hat on the test thing like sever 1 and 2 dont report them there was a bug yesterday and there was a beta hat there for free because my friends told me about it so dont report them! and aww thanks thanks Joey that cheered me up

    Ps: i couldnt get on yesterday because my enternet was gone

    -Zizzle Z

  13. oh
    hey Zizzle with the z man how you doin?

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