IF YOU ARE ON MY SIDE (THE GOOD SIDE) GO TO THE DOJO ON YETI FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAR AGAINST THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A NINJA TO COME!!!!!! I NEED HELP, ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE TO MAKE THOSE DARK NINJAS CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN WIN!!!!!! COME HELP OUT!!!!!!!!! DOLO ON YETI!!!!!! QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hi im on dark side and theres nothing you can do about it

  2. hahahahahahahaha you wont win Joey453 for my ninja clan has grown too strong and powerful just like me theres no way some low level ninja like you can ever beat me fine if its a war you want then its a war you will get an i promise you this…….when this war is over you will have lost everything you own your friends and your puffles and many more and tust me you will not win when i show up good luck trying to win Joey453 hahahahaha

  3. Joey453 i dont think i can be in the war cause i dont want to fight against my friend ive done that too much in the past im not going to do it again…..i might show up to see who will win and i got a question for cool dude why did you go to the dark side its not good to be in the dark side ITS NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS just come back to the light and be with us not against us…..ok now i sound like Naruto from the show that comes on when he tried to get his friend to come back to his senses and go back with him and be on the good side…..weird its like seeing a replay only this time im in it…………I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  4. it looks like i got no other choice but to just stand there and watch as the war goes on i guess

  5. NO!!!!!!!! I have made a decision for i will be in the war now and ill try to get my friend cool dude back to her old self when she is in the war ill do all i can and Joey453 good luck if i have to say so myself……….good luck to all you brave penquins and for some of you ill see you soon cause the rules say some of you might not make it out of this war i might not and if i dont who will????

    Will all my friends that are reading this forgive me??
    Please i didn’t mean to hurt you i just wanted to try something new!

  7. great site!!
    check out mine.


  9. all my friends that i betrayed please forgive me i feel like a nothing, a stupid girl, and a lot of bad things because i don’t have my friends back yet!
    please forgive me

  10. i….forgive you cool dude and to tell you the truth you really gave everyone quite a scare for a moment but hey its one of the many things i found in life that everyone has to deal with……..your forgiven and now that your back with us i can go in the war and fight maybe along side with you perhaps and also you reminded me of something that happened along time ago that i will never forget ………..thanks for coming back cool dude

  11. i forgive you as well cool dude and im not gonna be in the war its not what i do……i only fight to protect my friends and family when ever they are in danger or need help i will fight

  12. well well it looks like cool dude has become one of us again i dont know how or who got you to come back to the good side but hey now your off the bounty hunter list and now you are a redeemed penquin no one will be looking for you cool dude while you go on clubpenquin anymore so now your safe…….see ya around

  13. that was really something cool dude….how you managed to go back to your normal self i will never know……….but the war will still continue after this im gonna stay the way i am…….untill the war starts ill be prepared for what lies ahead and maybe ill see you and your Ninja 2012 friend at the war

  14. Hunterzero14 i came back because i knew it was the right thing to do and i really missed my friends and I’m glad they’re back!
    I didn’t think my friends were going to forgive me, but I forgot that I have great friends!

  15. yeah your right… do have good friends and your a good friend too cool dude and i want to say thanks for coming back to our side and also i dont think i have to be in the war now cause your here and that is good enough……..and tomorrow there will be a new clothing catalog i wonder what new things are gonna be in it

  16. thanks

  17. i got the bunny costume!
    and when I wear all brown it looks awsome!!!!!!!
    Hey ninja2012 want to meet me on club penguin??
    if so i’m on deep snow right now and we can go to the town to meet ok?
    im wearing a black hoody, sun glasses, a yellow star neclace, hair, and pink flip flops

  18. im still on cp, but i will be going different places if u want to meet me just tell me

  19. i am still on cp, but i’m wearing green jacket and a bag of gold, server deep snow and im in the town so meet me there anybody can

  20. ok i will be wearing different clothes dont count on me to be wearing something sepfic

  21. i am not on cp anymore

  22. ALRIGHT LISTEN UP!!!!!!!

  23. im signing on right now and you know what im wearing i never change my out fit….but if you see me with no clothes not even the tour guide hat then that means im on a mission or doing something really important and ill see ya soon i guess

  24. ok

  25. hey i’m going on club penguin the server is Shiver please meet me at the snow forts server shiver

  26. Ninja2012 meet me on cp the server is Shiver and im at the snow forts so meet me there!

  27. ok ill meet you there

  28. hey sorry i left on cp ninja2012 you wouldn’t talk to me

  29. anyone on

  30. sorry i wasnt talking to you cool dude i was reading the newspaper in my igloo thats why i didnt say anything to you ill be back on clubpenquin in a few minutes ok

  31. im loggin in to clubpenquin right now if anyone on here want to meet me then ill be in shiver at the dojo my clubpenquin name is Ds45 and he is a cool account to if you see it ok see ya guys and gals later i guess

  32. attention everyone i am now i member of the Black Bandits club and if you want to join in then heres what you have to do 1:wear the aqua grabber pin 2:have a red bricks backround 3:have a friendship bracelet on 4:make sure your penquin is black and finnally talk to the leader of The Black Bandits if you want to join and make sure you follow the steps i tell you otherwise you wont be accepted like i was ok talk to ya,s in a bit

  33. ummm people that i dont know who are here on this blog i like to say that one thing……….HELP i guess what Lord Sigma said was true he and his followers are after me now for some reason they said that they will get rid of all the agents and i just happen to be in the dojo at the time and they didnt see me walk in and heres the mistake i made….i said im a secret agent and you cant get rid of them and then this guy whos name is Dark Ninja24 walked up to me and said to me i am Lord Sigma and in order to get rid of the secret agents first we will start with you and then i said uh oh and then i ran off to the mine and now im in my igloo hiding and im afraid to leave because he is after me and now i guess the war will start alittle early now and i am gonna go in the pizza parlor since it is a crowded place and Joey453 PLZ HELP ME OUT

  34. ok now the pizza parlor is alittle crowded and every 5 minutes i will change places so no one can find me and if they do find me then i guess i have to fight back

  35. hey trunks 007 i’m on cp right now tell me what server you are on and i can be your body guard!!! if you want me to be your body guard tell me what server, where to meet on that server and what your penguin name??
    my penguin name is Ghdff
    please i want to help you!

  36. umm ok ill take that offer cool dude ill be in shiver at the snow forts and my clubpenquin name is…….Trunks 007 ok now i might not beable to stay there for long otherwise it will be the end of me and i know Sigma is gonnna read this message when he goes on

  37. im afraid your alittle too late to be his body guard cool dude…..Trunks 007 is now captured and is no longer gonna be able to try and stop me or tell anyone else my plans and he is locked up inside the same place that Joey453 was when she took the test to become a ninja only this time he is un-conscious and cannot talk and there are more Dark ninjas watching him and now im off to find a way to get rid of the secret agents and no one can distract me this time hahahahahaha good luck rescueing him now hahaha

  38. Trunks007 i can help you again today tell me what server and where we should meet!
    My penguin name is Ghdff

  39. hello is anyone out there im alittle confused cause before i was in a dark room and now im standing on the very top of the light house and im on the shiver server right now im at the beacon which is the top of the stairs inside the light house plz someone hurry up and get me outta here

  40. I don’t see you there

  41. thats because some guy moved me before and now im back on the beacon with my red puffle at shiver and i dont think no one is watching me either

  42. ok i will meet you there

  43. trunks007 i am on my way to help you
    my penguin name is Ghdff

  44. trunks007 i saw lord sigma
    where are you trunks007 i couldnt find you

  45. Trunks007 i need to help you where are you
    on cp

    i am on and trying to find you


  47. ninja2012i found nothing

  48. ninja2012 i have to get off the computer

  49. this is a message for all those who are looking for Trunks 007…….you will never find him not even if you know where i am because i dont keep him or anyone i capture with me and Trunks 007 is with one of these 2 people he is either with Brolly 1435 or Sephiroth157 there now one of them have him or know where he is and thats all i can say now

  50. hey lord sigma could i join the dark side?
    please i really want to i don’t think the good side is right for me!
    ALL PEOPLE ON THE GOOD SIDE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. that was weird the good people rock

  52. why yes spencedj you may join me and the other dark siders but in order to prove your worthy of becoming one of us i will personallly give you a test and if you pass i will let you join but you first must take the test and then we will see where you stand soon enough

  53. hahahahahaha i beg to differ cool dude if you good people rock then how did your friend Trunks 007 get caught or captured…..untill then ill see ya soon

  54. ok thanks im on cp right now
    im on server grizzly
    at the beacon
    my penguin name is spencedj

  55. now i am at the ice rink server grizzly

  56. ok ummm lord sigma meet me on cp server grizzly at
    and the place is the HQ ok??
    my penguin name is spencedj

  57. Lord sigma meet me on cp
    Go to the server Grizzly
    Meet me at the HQ on cp server Grizzly
    My penguin name is Spencedj

  58. ok ill be there my clubpenquin name is Dark Ninja24 and ill be in the HQ since i am a secret agent ok see ya there

  59. ATTENTION ALL OF YOU WHO ARE ON BOTH THE GOOD AND THE DARK SIDE……….i have now just escaped from Lord Sigma,s evil prison thanks to some guy i didnt know i think his name was Ninja 2012 or something like that….ok heres the story of how i got out which you will see on my next comment i make i dont have time to tell it yet but i will when i am safe and back into my igloo on clubpenquin ok

  60. ok im in my igloo now and im safe heres how it happened from start to finish……..i was in some cell that Lord Sigma told some guys to lock me in and i was just sitting there and then Lord Sigma came back from the ice bound server and told me that two guys were looking for me and then he said that it will be too late for you by the time those people find you and then we heard a loud crash in some other room and then the guards went into the room to check it out and then some guy dressed in all black said its over Lord Sigma i found Trunks 007 and im taking him back with me and then Sigma started laughing and he told him he will join me in the cell and then next thing i know i see a really BRIGHT light and then the guy who broke in broke me outta the cell and then teleported out of the prison and back to his igloo and told me everything will be allright now and that i should go back to my igloo and now im BACK and here to stay


  62. yeah but its only a minor injury if i have to say so man i thought i was never gonna get free ever again but thanks to a certain hero (Ninja 2012) im alive and well for now atleast…..and i have to agree with you on that it was insane and when i first saw Lord Sigma nothing but fear went through me like a lightning bolt going through the ground and im glad im back and outta that place….

  63. well i think it will be a few days before i can move my arm back to normal again and well if it werent for Ninja 2012 i wouldnt be here talking to you guys and trust me it was REALLY dark when i was in that prison cell it was dark just like the eclipse that happens every halloween on clubpenquin every year and still i wonder what caused that bright light inside the prison when i was escaping….i mean it was sooo bright not even sunglasses could help you out but hey i guess i was just lucky and i got a question for Ninja 2012 since he is not on my buddy list on clubpenquin i want to know how did you find me and how you made the whole room really bright enough for us to escape????and when you see this message plz reply

  64. Hey Trunks007 i would have saved you too, but i had to get off the computer.
    When Lord Sigma said two guys were looking for you it was me and Ninja2012! I really wanted to save you and i tryed but i had to go.

  65. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    spencedj i was the other one that was there!!!!There you go trying to get famous!

    Trunks007 I WOULD HAVE SAVED YOU (not spencedj)
    but then i had to go meet someone at their house, so i am sorry about that! I really would have been with ninja2012 to help save you but something came up and i had to go! And trunks007 it was me and ninja2012 that were looking for you, spencedj wasn’t even there!

    how did cool dude know that!

  67. hey trunks007 want to meet me on club penguin.let me know what server and where, ok?
    my penguin name is Ghdff

  68. ok ill be in shiver at snow forts in a few minutes ok look for me at the snow forts cool dude

  69. its good to see that i am remembered by you Trunks 007 but i was only following orders…..i was assigned a mission heres what it was called…Mission rescue Trunks 007 and track down Sigma and his army the mission rank was an S-rank meaning it would be a really hard one and the answers to your 2 questions are the answer to #1 is i followed Lord Sigma without being noticed and eventually i found his secret base or HQ and then the answer to question 2 how i made that really bright light appear is alittle something secret agent G gave me to use he thought it would come in handy and to my surprise it did

  70. hey Ninja2012 I named a puffle after you

  71. thats really something cool dude thanks and what color is the puffle if i may ask and also have you been to the new test servers yet i havent but i will soon….eventually

  72. hey guys check this face out :mrgreen:

  73. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😉

  74. well well it seems there are ninjas on clubpenguin it seems i was wrong i guess i wasnt the only one…..i just have one thing to say to all of you ninjas both good and dark… seems theres gonna be some (competition) happening real soon…i said too much now and now i will leave

  75. the pufle is black

  76. i have been on the new test servers

  77. :mrgreen:

  78. i wrote a song about lord it is

    Put the darkness behind you and move on with your life
    Soon you will recanize who you are,
    All you have to do is belive in yourself and put the darkness behind youuuuu
    na na na na, na na na na, oh everyone you betrayed and everyone you didn’t will soon like you for who you are and not because you would hurt them!!!!!!
    Put the darkness behind you and move on with your life!
    It’s not hard to do,
    we will forgive youuuu,
    oh na na na na, na na na na
    Put the darkness behind youuuuuooooo

  79. he ninja2012 is your (project) done?, or is it still in the air?

  80. well its still in the sky but im almost done with getting it down

  81. for all of you who are ninjas or will soon become one i will give you all alittle advice……when your asigned a mission or task to do make sure you have atleast 3 or 2 people with you so you can complete it faster and stay outta my way if i am chosen to be on your group or anything like that got it??? good now back to the task at hand

  82. hey cool dude and you others reading this check this song out…….

    Are you lost
    In your lies
    Do you tell yourself I don’t realize

    Your crusade’s a disguise
    Replace freedom with fear
    You trade money for lives

    I’m aware of what you’ve done

    No no more sorrow
    I’ve paid for your mistakes
    Your time is borrowed
    Your time has come to be replaced
    [End Of Chorus]

    I see pain
    I see need
    I see liars and thieves
    Abuse power with greed

    I had hope
    I believed
    But I’m beginning to think that I’ve been deceived

    You will pay for what you’ve done

    thats all i got for now and im adding for more parts in when i can think of some more

  83. ok it’s great so far!!!!




  87. Sorry about that im on cp server Thermal and my penguin name is Ghdff

  88. I forgot to write this yesturday: st. patties day hat is at the ski village

  89. and the new pin is in the boiler room at the top of the drawers that hold the old newspapers

  90. and one more thing if you didnt go to the stage yet check it out and look through the costume book in there to get a cool backround i got it already if your on my buddy list look on my player card you will see the backround……its AWESOME

  91. yeah i got the new backround today and the pin yesturday

  92. hey cool dude if that song of yours you wrote to me is your way of saying i should go back to the good side then forget it im never going back not now or ever if i do go back to the other side then i wont be able to use my full (potential) anymore and thats not fun even if i were to lose my memory of everything i still wont return to the weaker side

  93. well i didn’t say you should go o good side but i did say why be evil? you will have a better life when you are nice! So whats the point to be mean? Lord sigma you’re young now, but when you grow older and you are still mean you will regret that you didn’t listen to me so you better start thinking about changing soon!
    Goo Luck
    cool dude

  94. your words have cut straight through me than any sword blade or any other sharp weapon has ever done….i have now seen the light for the first time in many years….. i am now at peace and will return to the good side but before i do i thank you cool dude for you have done something no one has ever done before now……….everyone i am back to my better side and will get rid of my evil army once and for all so clubpenguin will remain safe

    thank you cool dude

    Signed:Lord Sigma

  95. and to all that are friends to cool dude i say you all have a good friend and are lucky enough to have met such a person like her as well

  96. cooldude is a girl?

  97. yes cool dude is a girl… telling me you never knew that jujube24……… i did for about a few weeks now

  98. yeah i’m a girl big shocker and thanks lord sigma i didn’t think my words would get to you, nut i geuss they did and i said those things because i didn’t want you to hate yourself for the rest of your life.

  99. i need a bff
    i’m always bored!

  100. yeah im a girl

  101. i am having a contest!
    Whoever leaves commets the most gets my wesite!
    1.Have fun
    3.No doing anything that might be mean
    4. If i read a commet you make that is mean you are discolafied

    I will tell you guys the winner on Thursday, March 20,2008

  102. cool dude can i be your bff??????

    Ninja 2012

    ninja2012 is now my bff!

  104. jujube24 where did you go

  105. hey jujube24 if you see this message plz respond and where did you go

  106. yeah please

  107. hello dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. UH oh!oh no
    no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Advisor kakashi 170 where are you?????????????????????????????

  109. uh oh GUYWHOFRAMED is back!!!!!!!!!…….this is not good everyone keep a sharp out on everyones names if they are underlined

  110. hahahahahahaha GUYWHOFRAMED doesnt scare me i dont know why everyone is so afraid of him…..the only reason why i am not scared is because i make a better evil person than him….as a matter of fact i can be more evil than him but i choose not too cause cool dude gave me hope to go back to the good side and that is where i will stay

  111. thanks for staying way deep down i knew you were nice!
    advisor you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY ST. PATTIES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. and a happy st. patties day to you to cool dude and who is that Lord Sigma person i dont believe ever hearing of that guy and ill be on CP soon in a few minutes ohh and Ninja 2012 wanted me to tell you he said hi and happy st patricks day too

  113. i met Ninja 2012 on clubpenguin today he looks kinda like me too only he is not running from the PSA or the secret agents and he is way cooler than me he told me he got alot of buddies on his list its almost full too he said…when i saw him on CP

  114. ok cool i will be on cp with you then
    HEY you are cool too! just as cool!

  115. i heard my dad say this today
    if it ain’t swettish it’s crap
    and now i keep saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  116. what server

  117. i mean he said
    if it ain’t scottish it’s crap
    now i keep saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. ATTIEON
    BILLYBOB WILL BE ON CPIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY FRIEND TOLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. when will Billybob be there

  120. idk can u tell us time!?

  121. i finnally got on the CPIP and i just noticed there are 4 new test servers and now theres 6 all together now i wonder what flag those servers will be going into

  122. iknow there are new servers and billybob left

  123. is th war at the dojo over?

  124. yes plopdhd the war is over there is no longer anyone who will want to do anything to clubpenguin anymore as far as i know

  125. i have a plan but u need to know what a chatbox is.

  126. and joey i need to talk to u

  127. what be this plan of yours Zizzle Z?

  128. i will help!

  129. Uh yeah Zizzle Z? What do you need?

  130. sure i can help

  131. but with what

  132. i will help tell me what to do.

  133. EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUJUBE24 IS HAVING A PARTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’LL BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUJUBE24 IS HAVING A PARTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’LL BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUJUBE24 IS HAVING A PARTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’LL BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. wow did everyone just stop writing on here or what????………..

  136. hmm good point

  137. Listen up, please go to my site

  138. i donno

    GIVE ME HOPE OR ……….
    I MIGHT ……..
    PLEASE ……. ME!

  140. allright everyone LISTEN UP im sending my ninja friend Ds45 to do alittle search and rescue for cool dude and i need a small team to help him out i cant help him cause ill be doing my own search and for those who want to meet him ill post when and where you can meet him in order to help find cool dude ok everyone

  141. Where were you, Cool Dude, when you were captured?

  142. i can answer that cool dude was on the canadian server Yukon at the ski lodge the time was it was about maybe 10:25 p.m PST time yesterday i was with her

  143. Guys IM FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was in the boiler room with Gus and Trunks007 and we were hanging out and stuff but then suddenly i left and went in to a dark and small igloo and i think it was lord sigmas or someone.It was lonely in there and then a penguin came and put me in this jail sort of thing.iT WAS WORSE THAN THE igloo!The jail was small and SMELLY!!!!!!Then after about ohhh 10 minutes a penguin came in and broke me out!!!!!!!!I was soooo happy and afraid because i didnt know who saved me!(BUt it was not Ds45)
    I knew it wasn’t because his name wasnt Ds45 and now that i think about it i forgot his name!!!!
    WHen we were long gone from the jail the penguin said: “you are a lucky penguin.Be safe,”
    then he left me alone and i was scared again! SO i went to my igloo for a while and then logged off.

    THAT is what happened.

  144. hey everyone check out my site

    i think you,ll find it very cool and im adding more pages to it soon…..


  146. Hi guys i need you to help me investigate dark ninja sightings at the……..huh….im getting bad frquency………hm i dont see anything weird ……ok im geting a lot of frequency……………… on the server chinook….canada……lodge…with a friend conrely………………a ninja….ok he is uncontus now……
    whats that conrely……..behind me……………aaahhh….

  147. oh wow

  148. Ok some how i escaped

  149. Lord sigma I need to talk to you on Cp tom at 4:00 chinook canada lodge can you comment yes if you can make it this is important

  150. Also swordmaster wants to battle us soon but go to jujube24s site the hunt for ninjas and you can see sowrd masters commented he stole critical information from me by brain washing me so get an army and join forces with jujube24 and we might defet him!!!!

  151. hahahahaahhaha you will never defeat me no matter how many armies you gather it wont be enough

  152. do you want to talk to me today or tomorrow i can make it on either day just tell me and ill get back to ya ok and yes ill be there in fact im going to chinook at the ski lodge right now ok

  153. sorry i coud not go on line go on at 5:00 today wich is saturday chinnok canada ski lodge if not tom sunday.

  154. actualy 2:00

  155. ill be on the good side since its good but the dark side! woah dont get me started!

  156. whats soooo bad about the dark side huh?

  157. swordmasterz i know who you are.
    you are Lord sigma
    i know you are!
    i told you to be nice and then you said you were now good but you MADE UP ANOTHER NAME SO YOU COULD BE BAD!!!
    swordmasterz aka lord sigma i know your true i denty

  158. and thats where your wrong cool dude

  159. no no no im right!!!!!!!!!!

  160. i gotta say you really are something cool dude but…..your wrong and if you want proof just ask sigma himself…….p.s he is not me just because i said that doesnt mean im sigma also keep in mind who your friends and enemies are

  161. how do you become a ninja?

  162. i may be a ninja but i am not telling how to be one

  163. Why???
    Plz… tell!?

  164. plz?

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