My Birthday Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When: Friday, Febuary 22!!!!!!!

Where: Avalanche, at the Cove (we will move to other places and play games during the party though!)

Time: 3:00 PST (Club Penguin time!)

Why: My birthday party!!!!!!! Im having it early because next weekend Ill be busy with my party in real life, and all.

Please Come!!!!!! It WILL be fun!!!! And Ill take pictures and video tape it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sounds fun but i might not be able to make it

  2. hey what time and server?

  3. yeah what time i know the server and place but i don’t know what time

  4. Oh!!!!!! I forgot to put the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜³ Oops! Ummm the time is………………..

    Time: 3:00pm PST

  5. hmmmm

  6. hmmm that sounds like an interesting party to go to i might show up… due time and how long will it be?

  7. hey it’s 3:57 and your not at your party!!!

  8. No, its 2:20 on Club Penguin!!!!!!! THE PARTY IS IN CLUB PENGUINS TIME ZONE!!!! Make sure you check it out the differences in your time zone and Club Pengyuin’s so you can know what time you should go to the party!!!!!!!! šŸ˜‰

    (Im not being or anything, or at least Im not rying to be mean, but everyone should make sure ok!!!!! šŸ˜‰ )

  9. The party will be about an hour or two long, but it all depends on how long we want to PARTAY!!!!!! šŸ™‚

  10. i mean i saw sillyman, your husband

  11. in cp it almost 3:00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! i so worried when it was 3:57 at my house i thought i miss party!!

  12. waz up everyone my clubpenquin name is Hunterzero14 if anyone wants to find me on clubpenquin but i should warn those who would try and find me im almost impossible to track down on clubpenquin and soon you all will know why

    everyone go to the snow forts if you want to see the time on the huge clock at the snow forts and when it says 3:00 thats when party begins i guess

  13. Where do you want me to go????????

  14. go to my igloo!

  15. lol thats funny i never seen that before and someting has come up i learned that at some time on the server where joey,s party will be there will be someone who is gonna rob the pizza parlor dont worry about it as long as your not in the pizza parlor around the party time you wont have to see it and im sure our agents can handle it but just to be sure im gonna be there as a lookout person

  16. ok
    me too

  17. ohh man thanks for telling everyone what im gonna do now i gotta go to the pizza parlor right now and do it and as your all reading this message im gonna be there allready and the agents wont stop me either hahahahaha good luck though for those of you who are agents and maybe i might run into you hunter zero

    good luck your all gonna need it more than me oh wait the avalanche server is full darn im going to shiver now as i type see ya guys later…..


  19. going to shiver then the pizza parlor good luck AGENTS ill be in shiver you wont stop me

  20. Peaple the PARTY HAS STARTED! šŸ˜€

  21. yah im there

  22. he just changed servers one minute he there next minute i know he gone now i gotta track him down again this sucks

  23. Yup!

  24. hahahhaha no one can find me and now im going to a different server maybe something less full of people

    NO Agent on clubpenquin can find me no matter how hard they try

  25. well…..they dont call me a bounty hunter for nothing i will track you down on clubpenquin and thanks for the hint i now know where to look!!!!!

    see ya there

  26. ohhh did i give you a hint or was it a trap ill let you decide on that one hahahahhaha good luck anyway

  27. EVERYONE!!!!! THE PARTY HAS MOVED TO MY IGLOO ON THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ohh where are my manners for those of you who dont know me the names itachi 170 it is also my clubpenquin name as well i think that should be enough info for you all and the only thing that can track me down is a ninja on clubpenquin but seeings as how there are none your all out of luck if you have any luck to begin with

  29. Joey453 what server is your party on????

  30. šŸ˜„

  31. whats wrong joey453??????

  32. Avalanche!!!! THE PARTY IS ON AVALANCHE!!!!!! IT sAYS ON THE POST!!!!!!

  33. ok sooo maybe changing servers wasnt a good idea now a few servers are already prepared for me i didnt know secret agents could work sooo fast and yet not fast enough

  34. No ones coming to the party. šŸ˜¦

  35. ok ill go there now i dont know what itachi will do while im away but i have it somewhat handled already

  36. im going there now just be alittle patient ok joey

  37. huh cool dude logged off advisor didnt come or ninja, so it wasnt that good of a party,hmmm mabye it should be sometime else

  38. what you talking about the party is over???? and how you know me jujube24

  39. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know…. šŸ˜¦

  40. i couldnt go to the party because the server was full that sucks and now i must go back to tracking itachi again theres no telling how many pizza parlors he robbed already on clubpenquin and if you see him on clubpenquin do not say anything to him just let me know when and where you saw him

  41. The party isnt over yet though, people can still come! Im just sitting there in my igloo waiting waiting waiting….

  42. šŸ˜¦

  43. “Sigh”

  44. i cant go there cause the server is full and wont let me go in it….

    Ninja 2012

  45. Joey453 i think you should pick a different server that way people can come to your party i know i will……

  46. Um Sorry ppls if I wasnt on if any of you went on!!!! I had to go out to eat for dinner!

    Now Im on Rainbow!!!!!!! Maybe that server isnt full for some of you?????

  47. šŸ˜

  48. well rainbow isnt a server that i see get full sometimes are you still on there joey453?

  49. Yeah, well kind of. Ive been watching my favorite tv shows, reading, and playing on Club Penguin at the same time! Oops brb, my tv show is back on! šŸ˜‰

  50. Im back! Yeah Im on Rainbow, I forgot to mention that in my last comment! lolz

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  52. hey sorry i left joey453 i went out to eat!!! then my mom went on and i got home at like 7:25!!!!

  53. hey guys I’m on clubpenguin!! my penguin name is ghdff, im on server shiver and meet me at the pizza parlor. tell me who you are on here and club penguin so i know your not a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S meet me

  54. anyone talk to me
    on club penguin my girlfriend broke up with me!!!
    her name was Kristina
    i didn’t do anything!!
    Now im sad!!
    I need a girlfriend!!!!
    I’m lonley!!!
    Help me!!!
    Talk to me!!

  55. :opps:

  56. wha

  57. hahahahaha such a pity but i really dont think going into the pizza parlor at this time now will be a good idea cause im going there RIGHT NOW


  58. I Lost a beautiful girl, just because i don’t know whyyyy
    It was probly a girly thang but who knows!!
    I need help! everyone at school is giveing me a rough
    time and I DON”T KNOW WHY!!!! Maybe they got their own problems just like me!! Maybe they just hate me!!!
    I need somebody!
    I need somebody now!!!
    I need somebody!
    MY friends all a of a sudden make fun of me!!
    I geuss they’re not really my friends!!!
    What do I do now???
    Do i go home and forget about it??OR should just tell my MOMMMMMMMMMMMM???
    WHO knows!

    Hey that was a song i wrote doesn’t have a name and it
    Do you think it sucks???
    Can you help me with a name???

  59. ?????? was that really a song or are you being serious? which is it


  60. hey im not a agent!!!
    itachi 170 want to meet on cp??
    If you do tell me where, what server, and what your name???? PLEAE SAY YES
    YOU ROCK itachi 170
    why do ppl chase you?

  61. i don’t know it sucks though!!!

  62. ohh but thats where your wrong itachi 170 you may know how to escape from agents but do you know how to escape from a bounty hunter???

    p.s. i will find you no matter how fast you can move

  63. hey itachi 170 lets meet on cp
    tell me what server, where and your penguin name!!

  64. ok ill meet with you on clubpenquin my name you see above is my clubpenquin name ill be in shiver at the snow forts ill explain why people are after me on clubpenquin ok

  65. ok

  66. my penguin name is Ghdff

  67. now that i said where i am i bet agents will be there no matter what

  68. so i see you make your own songs too cool dude thats really cool too

    Ninja 2012

  69. yeah but i’m not a good song writer!

  70. hey itachi 170 want to meet on cp again??
    If so tell me what server, where and just tell me those things

  71. hey guys cat03’s wordpress IS CCCCCOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. well… very famous when it comes to agents and other high class people if you know and attention all agents a friend of mine is giving a specific test to all agents and they have to take it and its for a good cause as well

  73. ummm how do i take the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. you meet my friend Dart 170 and he will tell you what to do then you will either pass or fail the test and you have to be a secret agent to take the test

  75. cool ill come!!!!!

  76. sweet i will tottoley be there

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