What happened?????????????????????????

What happened!!!!!!??????????? The new game was supposed to be out today!!!!! And its NOT!!!!!!!!!! 😐

And we have to wait for two weeks until we can do the movie!!!!!! Becauase the party was extended!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Im grounded this week from the computer, but Ill try and get on as much as possible!!!!

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  1. it is out and you get a gold pin if you beat it

  2. yeah its out its at the ice burg you will see it out on the water i know i was there


  3. i played it but i suck at it!!

  4. because Joey453 is no longer in charge of the NBH thats why

  5. ahh the flim flam server i am most familiar with that server i wish i could see it one more time although i use to be able to access it back when i was a…..different person and now as the years go by on clubpenquin i can no longer go on it…………..see ya around

  6. huh? oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think liam said he was now president. but why isnt joey anymore?

  7. Joey453 cant be president anymore because she is a ninja now and she cant attend the meetings or be in charge thats why



  9. 9BGZNf comment1 ,

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