For people who want to be in The Big Secret Four

If you want to be in the movie and you have this outfit:For plp in the movie

Then you will definately be in the movie! If you dont have the cross bone bandana and just the skeleten costume you can wear that too. If you dont have the skeleten costume and just the crossbone bandana you can just wear a black hoodie insted. Ill have some more info about the movie coming soon!

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  1. ok what if you dont have either one of those out fits

  2. Dont worry, there will be more spots for people who dont have those.

  3. hey Joey453 i got a red bandana a pirate belt and shoes and an eye patch does that count for a part?

    please respond soon

  4. Umm well the skeleten outfits are for zombies, because there will be zombies with the flag, but there will be more parts for more people! Dont worry Ill tryand give everyone who wnats a part a part! Just be patient! 😉

  5. ok thanks joey453 but will this be the last vid for the big secret series or will there be a #5? hey maybe i can be a pirate leader who has a bunch of people to go to clubpenquin and investigate why the island is empty…that could be a part

  6. hey ummm Joey453 i have the black bandana just to let you know but i dont have the skeleton suit cause im not a member but i do have the black bandana since your looking for people who have it and i have it talk to you later i guess


  7. Hmmmm. Sailorv you might be able to be a zombie… Ill think about it. Ds45, I have a different part for you in mind! 😉

  8. Hey joey453 I’m a member I have the skelton suit, black hoody ,and if there is anything else we need to wear please let me know.
    My penguin is ghdff, I want to be in the movie because I was never in a movie and I would be a big help

  9. Everyone will get a chance to be in the movie!!!! Just be patient please! 🙂

  10. ummm Joey453 what part do you have mind in which you speak of for your new movie your making?


  11. Well it depends. What part do you want?

  12. ill pick the group of 2 penquins if that isnt already taken ok Joey453?


  13. if the cove is featured in the movie i can be a scared surfer or a terrified diver. kk as long as the movie is done beore the 28th of june cos thats whne my membership runs out lol

  14. what was the second thing i could wear. cause i am a member till july 13, could i be joeys girlfriend.cause i am a realley hot girl.
    so tell k. bye handsome (-:

  15. joey is a GIRL
    her real name is Eryn

  16. Yeah Joey453 i love to be in it

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