Im Back!!!!!!!

Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that my computer is working again and im BACK IN ACTION! 😀

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥

Tommorows the big under water party! Yay! Earlier I saw Billybob at the dock on Mammoth!!!!!! Us ninjas are needing alot of help, so in a couple of months were going to let more people be ninjas!!!! If you haven’t sen one already, there is Ninjas testing the new stuf we added for you around Club Penguin!!!!!!! Its going to be really cool! Im on Mammoth right now if any one wants to meet me!!!! Ill be mostly at the Dock and the Ice berg, but if you cant find me there I should be somewheres on the island so you might have to look! 😉


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  1. WOW!!! ha ha..I wanna a website make me one!!
    This is cool!! Nice videos!!!

    ur friend

  2. Hey Allie! 😀 Sure ill make you one…. 😉

  3. yay joey453 is back and what does billybob look like on clubpenquin?

  4. hey joey453 what do you mean in a few months your gonna let more people become ninjas are you gonna post like some sort of test or something to see if were worthy enough to become a ninja? and will you let us now when that month will be and what we got to do because i want to become a ninja and i like to help out others that need help and i think i can handle it….p.s im glad to hear that your back now

    Trunks 007

  5. Can I be a ninja too??? I am honest, nice knid and NEVER SWEAR!!

  6. yeah i agree with cool dude and Trunks 007 cause they are both nice and good people that i know

  7. Please can I be a ninja?? I am honest, kind, and never swear

    Joey453 says: Sorry its not up to me, you will have to waait! Be patient! 😉

  8. all of that is true what you just said….look on OMG IM SO SORRY page i left an important message on it for all people to see

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