•  IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The party has been moved to FRIDAY January 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somthing Has uh…. come up and I wouldnt be able to make it on Saturday so it is changed to Friday. K? Same time and place and server JUST DIFFERENT DAY! 😉

IN other news: There was a new news paper today.

                         And I will post right away when I see Rockhopper OK Ill even tell what server he is on and where he was at! 🙂


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  1. i saw rock hopper and i got a free back round yay!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cool omg

  3. sorry i havent posted in a while i have been haging out with my friends! well…sorry but i cant make it 😳 i fell really bad! SIKE! U KNOW ILL BE THERE!

  4. who here?~

  5. plz talk!

  6. wow and i thought zizzlez would never post on here ever again but it did surprise me as well

  7. i know i havent been on this blog much sorry but i do come on it!

  8. hey zizzlez do you think rockhopper will get a new ship or will he still have his old one what do you think

    We`ll idk really i think he will make a new ship just like he made the migrator! But, i think he mite get his stuff back by goin on his ship and putin it on his ship idk hope that anwsered ur question!

    ~*Zizzle Z*~

  9. in my opinion i think he should get a new ship that one he has now looks alittle old no offense to rockhopper but he should get one made of strong steel that way no ice burgs can sink it whos with me on that plan huh huh? and hi to zizzelz its been some time now since everyone heard from you…and me

  10. An ice burg can still poke holes in steal though. Remember the Titanic?

  11. yeah i remember the titanic but i got another idea i have figured out a stronger metal than that of steel i forget what the name of it was but not even an ice burg can poke a hole in it…thats how strong this metal is ill try to find out what the name of it is so you know what its called

    Joey453 says: Is there seriously a metal that can withstand a hole from an ice berg? Wow….

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