Poor Rockhopper! MAJOR CRISIS! ( I knew it!)

 A major crisis has accured on Club Penguin! Our beloved Rockhopper and his family have been hit by an ice burg (one of the many!)  And he, plus his family, was forced to evacuate The Migrator. Luckly,  no one was injured. I think. They are now on a life boat. Bu the life boat is an old old one, and wont last long enough to get to shore! We ninjas are working on a way to save them. We were going to use the life boat in the Light House, but like Rockhoppers it was old too. It sprung a leak as soon as they put it in the water. So we have to make a new one! Ugh. It will take forever! The best carpenters we have on are squad is Sense and a ninja named Collinandali. But it will take too long to make a motorized boat that willl reach Rockhopper in time! So we ask for your help! Your agent leader G will be making a motor for us. So We need YOU to go to the Light House and drill or dance over by where the ship steering wheel is! ITS YOUR WAY TO HELP! We need to make a sturdy boat and fast! Before its too late!                                                                                     I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!

The fiesta party starts on Friday!

New newspaper tommorow!


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  1. ommg ill give u guys the link!

  2. http://play.clubpenguin.com/artwork/tools/telescopecrash1.swf

  3. what????? Joey453 are you serious about this where did you learn this information at…….

    Joey453 says: Look in the telescope! Werent you on when Sense made the anouncement????

  4. hmmm i think if all us ninja can work hard and fast enough we could have a chance of rescuing Rockhopper and ill do everything i can to help out when the motor is finished by G we should have the boat fixed at that exact time as well my advisor said to me…..and where is the Migrator located at now????

  5. its still in the water

  6. i believe it i see it in the water and rockhopper is just staring at it…..wait i got an idea what if we use a jet pack will that help get Rockhopper to shore…its a good backup plan i think and what can i do to help out joey453??

    Joey453 says: Hmmm. Very good plan indeed! Why didnt any one else think of that!? You should tell Sense!!!

  7. opps sorry i forgot Sense made the announcement and i was on at that time and right now im about to look through the telescope in a few minutes…..

  8. this could be bigger than i thought it would be… and i remember a long time ago there was another ice burg crash into Rockhoppers ship if you go in the Library place and look in the 2nd year book it will tell you when the first time Rockhopper crashed into an iceburg…..

  9. and how do you ninjas plan on getting the Migrator on shore you already know how to bring back Rockhopper….do you have a sort of plan to bring the Ship back onto land?????

  10. Joey453 where can i find Sense at??? you should know…. and the jetpack idea was a good one i guess it will be easier and faster to use a jetpack than building a motor boat it will be less time as well im such a plan type of person i come up with many plans a day to be exact and they always work too

  11. and if you guys ever need help on any situation ill always do my best to help out if i can…..

  12. hmm i like that jet pack idea my advisor Kakashi 170 has just informed me that with enough fuel in the jet pack there is a chance that Rockhopper can be saved and yes Joey453 where is Sense at this time right now? and my advisor also said that he believes after seeing the crash no one is hurt on the life boat..

  13. why don’t we put on our superhero costumes

  14. i dont think superheroes can help with this problem only us ninja and agent G can help….

  15. is rockhopper still in the water along side his ship????

  16. No.. He was able to pattle closer to shore but we are almost done with the boat and we will be out there to get him in no time! Hopefully….

  17. wow im soo happy and excited to hear that Rockhopper will be safe here but what about his ship how will that be brung back on shore…..i cant think of any plans for a ship return ohh well i got some kind of idea block i guess

  18. how long do you think it will be from now till the boat is finished Joey453?

  19. I think the boat might hopefully be finished late tonight and will be working great! Well hopefully nothing will go wrong! About his boat well we dont know what were doing to get it on shore for sure………
    But I think I heard talk about them either using a wierd horn that makes things come up from the bottom of the sea or a giant crane thing. But the desision wasnt for sure yet.. Let just wait until Rockhopper is back and safe on the island!

  20. i agree with you joey ill just wait and see what happens when rockhopper returns to shore and i wonder which device they will use the horn or a crane i think it could be both the horn to make it rise and the crane to pull it on shore both of them should be used in my opinion…

  21. i hope everything will go exactly as you said it will be joey i have faith that there will be no problems to go along with this rescue

  22. Me too…….

  23. well……according to my advisor kakashi 170 he told me that nothing could go wrong and besides this aint the first time rockhopper crashed into an ice burg if i remember correctly he crashed some time in early 2006 or 2007 i dont know what year it was exactly it was but some people know about the first time if you been on clubpenquin for a few years like a few of my friends have then you would know……

  24. i found the new pin and im not banned….whats up with that?????

  25. does anyone know when the new mission comes out for clubpenquin yet??????

  26. Hey Joey453 please make me a NBH. I will be good at it probly. I can help get rockhopper back on the island.
    Please think about letting me be a NBH.

  27. The Advisor kakashi 170 i dont know when the misson
    comes out!!

  28. i have to say that i think the new mission will be out in just a few days or a few weeks i dont know when exactly but ill try to find out when it will be out then ill tell Ninjaleader7 to tell everyone when it is out ok…….

  29. ok Advisor

    P.S You are cool

  30. thanks i think you are cool as well….

  31. I can’t belive that your on here because not a lot of ppl are on when i’m on!!

  32. did you here about what happened to rockhopper??

  33. yeah i heard about it and i saw what happened to him…

  34. i saw and heard about it too

  35. i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw the crash too i was like is this a dream or really happening…

  36. i could not belive it also!
    I was likeoh my goss what will happen to rockhopper

  37. yeah i was thinking the same thing till i heard joey saying her and the other ninjas will rescue him…..

  38. i heard that too
    i hope they rescue him soon!!!

  39. so do i….

  40. poor rockhopper

  41. hello people how is everyone doing today…..today is the last day for the fiesta party at clubpenquin and rockhopper is still in the water……

  42. today the fiesta is the last day!!???

  43. yupp today is the last day for the fiesta party bummer isnt it…..

  44. i know
    i didn’t even know it ended today!

  45. i did i read the clubpenquin times newspaper…..

  46. hey advisor do you want to meet on club penguin?
    Please tell me what server and where to meet on that server

  47. oh and can we go on the U.S.A

  48. yes we can meet my clubpenquin name is Kakashi 170 and the server i pick on the U.S.A is shiver at the dojo if you know where the dojo is…….let me know if you know where the dojo is ok

  49. i know where the dojo is
    all right go on right now

  50. wait i can’t find shiver
    lets go on snow day ok?

  51. ok im on my way….there

  52. ok

  53. my penguin name is ghdff

  54. the server snow day is full we have to try a different server then…….

  55. how about snow bank

  56. snow bank ok?

  57. if anyone noticed most of the american servers are full and not many left for people to go on either…….

  58. ok ill go on snow bank ill head to the dojo wait there if you are not in there ok….

  59. why did you log off?

  60. sorry advisor my computer shut down

    please talk to me!!

  61. yay joey453 has 20,000 hits and the new mission on clubpenquin is not out yet people….whats taking it soo long to be out?????

  62. where is Rockhopper the boat he escaped on is at the beach and his red puffle Yarr is on it but Rockhopper isnt and can u please tell me what server he is at

  63. where is Rockhopper and what is that thing moving in the water at the beach

  64. good point i will check things out at the beach

  65. i have good news and bad news…..good news is rockhopper has landed on shore thanks to you joey453 and bad news is no one has any idea where rockhopper is not one person can find him and…..ill leave the rest to you guys

  66. huh its been *checks watch)bout’2 months hey Advisor meet me snow cone at Amy Rose2000 on map(if u can) 😉

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