Heres the Pic of Ninja World>>>>

Here is flim flam or ninja world

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  1. sooo thats what the ninja world is i always wondered what it looks like and i thought it would be something else and joey how did you take that pic its never dark on clubpenquin……..

    Joey453 says: Its dark in ninja world!!!

  2. she faked it she made it look like she did it but she just put it on paint and made it a little black around the picture

  3. guys im superman ill be on the sever frozen if u want 2 see me 😉

  4. nooooo i believe joey for 2 reasons 1 is that ninjas only travel during the night and 2 ninjas ONLY like the dark thats why no one can ever see them unless they want to be seen by people like swordmaster and stormgal i know they both ninjas on clubpenquin and i dont know how they did it either so dont ask me

  5. how do i bann people from my blog

    Joey453 says: You delete their comments and make a list for your self so you know whos banned

  6. Zizzlez why r u sad?


  8. P.S MY CLUBPENQUIN NAME IS……..Lord Diaz 14 if you wanted to know it but i wont tell you my password since i am after all legendary

  9. I had to log off of srry! I have to get back to the ninja world I have training I was only aloud a short break

  10. i cant believe it he IS real and he REALLY IS on clubpenquin i just saw him on the iceburg soooo whats a legendary ninja like yourself been up since you been away huh?????

  11. hmm… ur makin me think about that ………and i wont tell u its private!

  12. where is the ninja world and where do you go to see it???

    Joey453 says: Sorry! I dont think I can help you with that! Because: 1. Im REALY not supposed to share anything ( I hope I dont get caught!) 2. I only JUST became a ninja and I dont know that much, 3. I think the Cp team picks the ninjas, so maybe you should ask them about it?

  13. who were you talking to zizzlez??????

  14. ahhh im very familiar about the ninja world careful joey453 if your not careful there i cant say what will happen if the consequences are to come and if your alone on the ninja world i think it might not be a good idea to do that and well i havent been in that world for as long as i have been on clubpenquin as well……

    Joey453 says: Uhhhh? I cant realy talk right now! Im in training and there making me fight a WHOLE bunch of ninjas alone and its hard cuz I cant even see them that well!!!!!!!

  15. you are right about the not sharing part and i hope you dont get caught cause things look grim from where i am now standing…..even though i havent been on clubpenquin for 2 or 3 years now things have certainly changed from when i saw it…and hows the ninja world joey is it still dark as ever on the……other side???

    Joey453 says: There firing at me like CRAZY! Its like one against two hundred! How am I supposed to protect my self!!!!!! HEEEELLLPPP MEEEEEEEE! AAHHHHH

  16. take me with you to the ninja world i can see them no matter how dark it is AFTER ALL i use to be the leader of the ninjas and now stormgal is the leader and yes when i was training they made me do that as well while wearing a blind fold to make it alot HARDER than what it should be…

  17. dont worry about that just focus and stay calm keep your eyes open and stay alert to all the attacks i can help you if i knew where you were rightnow those ninjas aint no match for me sooo take me with you if you can and need help

    joey453 says: IM AT THE DOJO I NEED HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!

  18. hey JOEYYYYYYY are you still alive from training or noo????????

  19. what server are you on joey????? i can help if i can..

  20. see i told you joey being alone in the ninja world or part of it can be dangerous thats why i am always with someone when i go but uh oh the shadows attacking too many GOTTA MOVE QUICK AHHHHHHH now i am alone this is NOT good…….

  21. well this is rather exciting no one truly knows where the shadows first start and end…..

  22. even a legendary ninja such as myself i do not know where these first start and end and i wish i knew plus i sense alot of ninjas in the DOJO on the left side more than the right what could this clue mean i wonder…..


  24. thats the samething i am wondering Diaz i was wondering why are there more ninjas on the left side than the right…….something just doesnt feel right about the dojo i know something bad is probably gonna happen as well and ill do my best to prevent it…


  25. i wish i could help but something…..ahhhhhhh the ninjas are on to me they know im not a ninja and i can defeat the robot noooooo theres tooo many of them ahhh they captured me sorry joey453 but only Lord Diaz 14 is the only one who can help you nowwww nooooo there taking me to the ninja world of forever darkness HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP MEEEEEE

  26. please joey453 i need you to find Lord Diaz 14 on clubpenquin the ninjas you defeated got back up and took me into the ninja world and i need your help quick and FAST as possible……….HEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEE OUTTTTTTTT HEEEEEEEEEREEEEE

  27. WHY ISNT ANY BODY HELPING ME!!!!!! i defeted the ninjas and the robot and got hurt alot and no one helped me!!!!!! 😦 PLZ! They told me to go wait at the mountain for my next test or what ever plz get here quick before my so called test does!!!!!!

  28. dont worry about joey ill find my own way to get into the ninja world i did it before and ill do it again……. sigh if only i can remember how i did it before……ahhhh my memory is like blank and full of nothingness…..

    Joey453 says: Plz! Just somebody get to the mountain! I think my test will be there at any moment!!!!! I NEED BACK UP AND NO ONE IS COMMING!!!!!!

  29. ill help you as long as you can trust me ok…..

    Joey453 says: I trust you!!!!! Plz just get here before the test does!

  30. how can i help you if im TRAPPED in the ninja world huh??????? and its majorly dark in there as well…

  31. im trapped and my best friend who is a ninja is like all weirded out and badly hurt as well so he and i cant help you even if i could…..only ninjas can help you now Joey453 and im not a ninja but ill try to help…if i can

  32. Joey listen up im sending my best ninja in to help you out just tell me where you are and what server he will do the rest his name is Trunks 007 if you need to know his name ok and i promise he wont let you down either ok??????

  33. 😥 A big weird ninja came and started beating me up and stuff! he hung me over the side of the mountain and shook me until all my stuff came off then he threw me too the other side and i tried to run away but he was too fast! in moments he was holding me by my neck off the ground. then i saw lights and then blackness (darker than it already is!) Now i just woke up in a tiny tiny tiny igloo smaller han the regular ones and this igloo has no furniture, windows, door, heating, or electricity! Its realy dark and cold and scary. Im claustiphobic! Im also hungry! I have no I dea where i am and have The Worlds BIGGEST head ake! 😦 What am i going to do!? The worst part is that nobody came to help me! 😥

  34. But Rose hes too late! 😥 IM already captured and locked up. Thanks for trying to help me though, but i dont know where I am and so I cant tell you cuz idk! 😦 im starting to feel a little faint. it hurts so much and im soo hungry and tired…………

  35. …………

  36. where are you joey453 so that way Trunks 007 can find you i cant just have him search for you all over clubpenquin without knowing where you are otherwise it will be too late for……

    Joey453 says: I dont….. i dony know where im at……… plz….. “faints”

  37. noooooooooo i HAVE FAILED im terribly sorry for being toooo late if only i wasnt trapped in this ninja world i could have been there i should have known this would happen ahhhhhh do you know where you last saw the ninja who threw you off the mountain i could send Trunks 007 to find him if you could tell me i can tell him where to go now cause hes the best ninja you got as back up… if your still there tell me where you last seen the big ninja ok?????? ill handle it from here

  38. ummm… i… ummm…. cant remember…. that well………head hurts…….i remember…….him at the mountain……………………………………………………………..

  39. ummm hello everyone im sorry for being tooo late Joey453 and Rose im sorry i failed you both now its too easy to say this but im gonna go alone and search for that big ninja and take him down and Rose ummm Joey453 just fainted so she cant hear you no matter what happens……now i must work alone for the time being untill then my friends farewell and good luck to us all

  40. ok the moutain got it thanks Joey453 i wont forget you and dont worry about me i can handle myself

  41. im at the mountain and i see no one or nothing only emptiness like this mission i failed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i cant find the ninja or joey or Rose now i must be losing my mind…………..

  42. still waiting at mountain still nothing…….

  43. Uhhhhhh I woke up again? I guess i fainted again. Well i know ive been moved. Its still black but its colder and i can feel a breeze. im afraid to move though. when i first tried to move i felt forward and there was no ground in front of me. so that could help you find me? plz plz dont give up plz. Also do you know how to make yourself visable to me trunks? I think that when im on a training they make it so i cant see any ninjas or anything besides what they set up for me to see so i dont know if any one was there to help me. plz. could you try? imm realy scared….

  44. ummmm i dont kow what server it is on on the regular servers. mmaybe its the server shiver because i remember lord diaz saying that he was on that server an he was able to see me? plz

  45. Plz help me!!1 I feel so alone and helpless and ;ike like like im thats last person alive on club penguin 😥 i hope my thought is not true. plz somebody plz save me! 😦

  46. ok dont worry joey ill find a way to help you if i can and yes i know how to make myself visible to you cause im the best ninja that Rose has on her team and dont worry your not the last person on clubpenquin that wouldnt happen now……ok im going back on clubpenquin as the name you see up top and ill be in shiver looking for you joey and that big ninja…… is on its way soon..dont pass out on me know ok joey i need you to stay awake….its the only way ill find you

  47. im at the mountain right now and sooo far i dont see nothing no big ninja or you or anything else im on the server shiver as well if your able to find me

  48. i was there with u last noght ill be there joey dont worry 😉

  49. hey and dont forget about me i was there as well…..

  50. hello everyone i was wondering…..this is a question for everyone that goes on clubpenquin what place can you not move forward and has an edge to it and if you move forward you will fall off sooooo if you know the answer please tell me cause i am seriously clue less ill admit it i cant think of any area of that description soooo PLEASE HELP ME OUT ITS VERYYYYY IMPORTANT FOR ME TO KNOW THE ANSWER

  51. everyone i just found something really interesting for everyone to hear i was in the pool area under neath the plaza and i was by myself and then i looked on the wall where a ninja shadow use to be and when i got close to it IT DISAPPEARD AND NOW ITS GONE and i said out loud the shadow is gone it just moved and then 2 penquins dressed in all black clothes appeared out of no where and told me i had to leave this is a restricted area for now and then 5 more penquins in black came in the same place and they started chasing me telling me to leave so i did and now im back in my igloo telling you all this im alittle nervous that those people were ninja and that they will find me if i leave my igloo i dont know what i should do………or what can i do now??????

  52. if i go into another server they might follow me there cause ill head to the pool area again and i wonder if they will be there as well im gonna try it…..

  53. ahhh this has happened before i seen this problem along time ago back when i was the ninja leader and now shadows are moving again this could be bigger than i thought it would be……

  54. uh oh …………………….

  55. whats wrong zizzlez???? how come your saying uh oh….

  56. zizzlez you wouldnt happen to know why those ninja were chasing Trunks now would you…….something aint right about all this i can feel it i guess the ninjas are up to something at the pool thats why they didnt want Trunks there in the first anyway that wasnt you telling him to leave right please say no it was someone else……

  57. well i forgot to tell you all this im investigating why those ninja chased off Trunks when he was at the pool area and so far i have done the same thing…only this time there was 10 ninja who appeared but they didnt chase me off cause they knew who i was and they said i could stay…so im alittle freaked out about that or maybe because they know i use to be the leader of all ninjas thats why i could stay but the second i was gonna say something they all left me…. weird huh???



  60. Hey joey can i have the NBH CLUB

    Joey453 says: Ummm. OK. Yes you can have it Campbellio.

  61. you really want to help me out how come????/

  62. Campbellio what server are you on cause im signing on ok….

  63. im on the server shiver where the pool is sitting where the ninja shadow use to be at…..

  64. ok

  65. I know where Aunr Arctic is she is alive and well we can save her soon but she is being guarded

  66. hey Campbellio how did you change your name into mine and Darts? and can you change your name into Ninja 2012 can ya????

  67. ok just tell me how can we save Aunt Artic AND find joey453 as well

  68. hey you guys you dont mind if i help you out do you cause i need to find joey453 as well i promised Rose that i would not rest untill joey is found and safe and back with her friends……

  69. how can you save a guarded person thats alomst like 100% impossible i know i tried to do that once and now im going back on shiver to see if those ninjas will find or chase me off again….goodluck though..

  70. im a ninja its so cool

  71. i changed my pic!

  72. stormgal if your a ninja then can you tell me why those ninjas chased me outta the pool room cause they said its restricted and forbidden for me to be in here rightnow and then like 5 or 7 more ninjas come in the room and chase me out of there then i went back to my igloo and signed off right now im bout to sign on again to see if they are there or not i might get lucky and not run into them again or another ninja…..but then again i gotta help save joey sooo i will see a ninja man this day has gotten weirder by the hour……..

  73. Trunks! No! Im ok. Dont get your self hurt. There are two Lord Diazs There is Lord Diaz 14 who is good then there is Lord Diaz who used to be the leader of all ninjas now he is bad and trying to kill all of club penguin by destroying the light first in each server he already got flim flam. Hes got a whole army of ninjas! Dont get your self into to much trouble!!!!!

  74. joey stop lying about this ninja junk. penguins joey is pulling a cruel prank on all of you!

  75. No im not! Jujube dont call me any more name sor ill ban you! Im not lying. Ask any other ninja!

  76. Joey is right again and yes there are two of me im good but the other im not soo sure about and dont worry i dont think Lord Diaz the other one is gonna have time to make clubpenquin totally dark…..yet and well if he aims to do that then i will stop him no matter what happens….

  77. Dont worry about me Joey453 i know what im doing and what more trouble can i get into than what i am now the only im worried about is those 7 ninja after me thats all and im glad to hear your safe and sound on clubpenquin and when will you be back on clubpenquin or signing on there i might be able to see you…..

  78. hahahahaha yeah Joey453 i see you know who i am and what i plan on doing and yes i WAS the leader of all ninja now the one known as stormgal has taken my place and how did you know there were 2 of me of that matter and yes it was me who got flimflam allready that server was ALMOST destroyed if it werent for those who managed to seal me away in some prison but now im back after being away for 2 years from clubpenquin i WILL throw clubpenquin into COMPLETE darkness then NO ONE WILL STOP ME!!!!

  79. ohhhh now im really worried about all this ninjas chasing people out of rooms and trying to capture them then big ninja guards show up whats next i wonder darness falls on every clubpenquin server than how are we suppose to see where we go most people on clubpenquin are not members and cant buy a flash light hmmmm doesnt that sound like a clue why there are flash lights you can buy on clubpenquin maybe it will become dark like that ninja server that Joey goes on this is not good for all of us

  80. Uh Oh!

  81. whats wrong Joey???????

  82. im in shiver at the ice burg now…..

  83. is it really true is that ningas world maybe it is fake i think i dont know!

  84. yes its really true ive been there before because i am a ninja and thanks to a TRAGIC accident it is now dark

  85. i seen the world too on my friends computer as well its 100% true…

  86. Hey Trunks007! Did you chicken out? Your not on Shiver! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

  87. i didnt chicken i have been preparing to this day to finnally stop YOU and your Lord Diaz as well ill stop you him and his army by myself right here and right now im headed to clubpenquin ill be in the shiver server at the dojo in JUST a few seconds PLEASE dont be late……

  88. where are you ninja 912346 im at the dojo waiting for you to show if you dont then you will be the one who has chickened out…

  89. it will only take me to defete you! Lord Diaz is waching! Mwa ha ha ha ha

  90. ohhh really i highly DOUBT that in all circumstances look who won the fight and i will end the WAR before you can defeat me…..

  91. Lord Diaz has captured Joey!

  92. and one more thing you already LOST the war before it even started since i joined in the fight remember that

  93. WE DARK NINJAS out number all of Club Penguin! WE WILL WIN!

  94. hahahahaha do you REALLY THINK i will believe that joey is not captured she escaped not too long ago if you read the story let me clue you in……read that story on there and it will say she is back here..

  95. We have killed and buried JOey453 at the DOCK MWA HA HA HA HA!

  96. We captured her AGAIN DUH! AND WE KILLED HER!

  97. YEAH RIGHT IF YOU COULD OUT NUMBER CLUBPENQUIN how come you were the only who faced me and you LOST to me as well hahaha…tell Lord Diaz that i will take him down and you and the Dark Ninja army…..

  98. It only takes me to to defete you are so weak! Mwa ha ha ha ha! I DANCE APON JOEy453’S GRAVE AT THE DOCK! MWA HA HA HA!

  99. then why didnt you capture me huh you afraid…

  100. I HAVE WON!


  102. that proves your a coward you rather capture a girl then a person who can defeat you and your lord huh PATHETIC WEAKLING you are ninja 912346

  103. I HAVE DEFETED TRUNKS! it was too easy!

  104. ;FACE IT! I have won this batle

  105. mwa ha ha ah ah a

  106. after seeing how weak the dark ninjas are ive decided to take this fight to the leader himself Lord Diaz if your reading this then meet me at the dojo in shiver its time i put an end to this war ONCE AND FOR ALL…

  107. ninja 912346 you didnt beat me you got too scared and ran off soooo I HAVE WON YOU LOST THE BATTLE..

  108. and now i will destroy every dark ninja on clubpenquin i learned of a secret and i wont tell either but its a secret that can destroy every ninja thats bad or is on Lord Diaz,s side and dont worry all you ninjas that are on my side it wont destroy you i promise but i cant say for sure you will be safe…

  109. sooo dont worry if something happens to me when i use the secret theres only a 75% chance something will happen to me but i can handle what ever comes my way even people who think they won when they actually lost..

  110. the battle rages on and i will defeat everyone who stands in my way i wont let anyone stop me not yet……

  111. You will not win!

  112. Lord Diaz IS STRONGER!

  113. Mwa ha ha ha ha! I am coming. My ninjas will be ready. But for now until I arive its just Ninja 912346 against Trunks007. I WILL WIN NO ONE CAN STOP ME!

  114. sorry everyone but im going in on this war alone or a solo act i will do no one try to stop me either once this is over clubpenquin willl be safe again….

  115. hahaha i dont think sooo ill be the one who will win this war and ill stop you your ninjas and ninja 912346 and then i aim to do something FAR worse do not try to get in my way ill destroy you with my magenkyo sharingan move then no one will be able to see who wins the war…..

  116. is anyone out there??????????

  117. I am coming now for you Trunks007. be ready

  118. So Trunks007 did you finaly get to your senses and chicken out? Your not there. If your not there soon it will be called forfait and I win the battle


  120. Mwa ha ha ha ha Your snowballs only make me stronger!

  121. Ill be right back Trunks007. I have to go pick out a place for your grave! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Mwa ha ha ha ha! You are so weak! And you have the mind of a ant.

  123. You cannot win!


  125. yeah hes dead we win we have peace oh yeah i forgot there is no Lord Diaz

  126. go ahead take all the time you need for your own grave….

  127. hey everyone lord diaz is on the frozen server at the dojo go he will be right back ge says.

  128. liam you did not even help me i was all by myself when i fought against him soo how would you know???

  129. and he is in shiver at the dojo not frozen

  130. im still fighting him at the dojo in shiver do NOT try to help me THIS IS MY MISSION!!!!!!!

  131. I have not been defeted you stupid penguins!

  132. I an say whatever I want now! JOEY453 IS DEAD!

  133. i think he just gave up he is not firing at me anymore…. im not tooo sure

  134. joey is not dead i saw her earlier and im sorry i didnt say anything to you joey when you said my name i was doing something….please forgive me

  135. ummmmm is anyone still awake but me??????

  136. im alll alone out here peopless

  137. YEAH I WON!

  138. is anyone there??????????

  139. you didnt win you gave up about 40 minutes after the battle was over

  140. and you didnt even try to win at alll haa haa

  141. im awake and on the frozen server at the dojo

  142. oh and Trunks im with the real Lord Diaz not Lord Diaz 14
    hes a fake lord diaz ok dont you get it

  143. thats not the Lord Diaz i fought this one had no numbbers in his name his name was: I Lord Diaz and yes i do get it i know the REAL lord diaz when i saw him and yet when i defeated him he only said this is a game this is nothing compared to the real war that lies ahead of you all and soon i will rule clubpenquin and you cannot survive without the light and then he just disappeared….after that i deserved some well rest from that battle and no one helped me which was a good thing he was weak enough for me to face him alone….

  144. thats a lie cause i just went to make a name and it said Lord Diaz was not taken up so i have a name called Lord Diaz
    dont lie its the same thing as cyber bullying

  145. ummm campbellio it wasnt me that trunks fought it was some other Lord Diaz…….the real one that got the ninja server flimflam he had returned to clubpenquin last night after his minion ninja 912346 had left i knew he came back because i had a feeling he would want to see what clubpenquin looked like after being stuck inside a server for 2 years he managed to get out of it somehow and go to shiver but luckily our friend Trunks 007 was allready there and ready to face him and he defeated him without no ones help like he said and i got news from 1 of my scouts on clubpenquin that when he came back a few ninja shadows moved alittle bit out of place for a few seconds and then returned to their normal place ill try to find out more if i can…..

  146. ohhhh you think thats a lie that trunks said????? WRONG there are more than one Lord Diaz,s out there on clubpenquin and im one of them you are too campbellio then theres the Diaz that actually came back from 2 years which is the one that trunks fought it wasnt me or you campbellio that trunks saw IT WAS the one that got flimflam all dark that was the one he saw sooo there i rest my case and trunk,s case as well… the way my scouts report ninja move ment some where in the ice bound server i dont know what this means but ill find out more when info comes……..

  147. i just got back the info its only a few dark ninjas moving around in the ice bound server nothing really bad or anything soo for now everything remains calm and quiet on clubpenquin….for now

  148. liam you were not even with me when all this was happening sooo i think you have NO RIGHT to call me a lier because if you didnt see him how can you say that i was lying since you werent there in the first place???????

  149. and lying is NOT the same as cyber bullying my friend liam you have alot too learn about all that……

  150. open up your mind and find what it is you truly believe in liam that could help you with some of this….

  151. i was there im a ninja o was on the celine watching the fight

  152. wow soo thats what a ninja server looks like its soooo dark in there hey joey how can i be selected to become a ninja what do i have to do????

  153. hes there again shiver server right now go at the dojo
    he there everyone tell everyone on everypage on this blog lord diaz the real one is there go and tell everyone

  154. ohhhh so you were there huh let me ask you one thing how many people were fighting along side diaz then????/ answer it right

  155. i am on my way….now

  156. none i was the only one there fighting him

  157. hahahahahaha yeah right how could you fight him if i was the only one there to see him that doesnt make any sense at all…..

  158. and campbellio you are SUCH a lier im in shiver inside the dojo and i see no Lord Diaz at all in there..NOW LOOK AT WHOS THE ONE LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. wait a second he showed up…

  160. i dont have to be a ninja to defeat Lord Diaz and his army i am SOMETHING MORE POWERFUL than that of a mere ninja and now no one CAN STOP ME AT ALL im sooo strong stronger even than Lord Diaz i can take that army out in just 3 seconds no less or more….hahahaha no one can save you now i gained the power and knowledge through hatred and a desire for power now i am way BEYOND a ninja thats why i am not one…… will only hold me back…

  161. and now its only a matter of time untill i do what i was suppose to do THEN………thats when the games get interesting….

  162. only through hatred and a desire to become stronger can you become what i am……..I AM THE ULTIMATE ONE…no one can stop me and no one can defeat me and ill be the one who will RULE not anyone else

  163. NOW THINGS ARE ABOUT TO HEAT UP AROUND CLUBPENQUIN no one can stop me from achieving my goal…..not even those willing enough to sacrifice them selves and now…we will see whos better.. clubpenquin ninjas or THE ULTIMATE ONE which is me if you wanted to know…goodbye for now

  164. hey thats something similar to what i said once…

  165. hey wanna join forces and be a couple and get married on cp trunks

  166. i have a connfession i am Lord Diaz i am a ninja and i wanted my account to be secret so nobody could kill me do you wanna get married on CP trunks and join forces

  167. THAT……….WAS unexpected are you ok Campbellio and i knew you were Lord Diaz because no one can find me that quick when they are not on my buddy list and are you a boy or a girl campbellio????????????

  168. i must say this day has officially gone WEIRD for me… and i wont say THE REASONS WHY EITHER

  169. Campbellio!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have broken the rules you were not suppose to say who you really are according to the ninja handbook paragraph 4 section 2 it clearly states you are NOT allowed to say who you really are and now your next ninja mission will be something really HORRIBLE for the rule you broken………and congratulations joey for passing our test i promise you some of the missions we will give will be easier than what your test was…ill make sure of that ok….

  170. and i am sending a ninja leader on clubpenquin in the server shiver since most ninja activity and test take place on there all ninjas are to head to the dojo in shiver the ninjas name is Ninjaleader7 that will be one of the leaders coming there in just a few minutes to give everyone a clue on there first or next mission…. this is for all ninjas on clubpenquin.i said what was needed to say and DO NOT break the rules again campbellio…

  171. Ninjaleader7 will be there for a few hours to give people time to come there…

  172. ok everyone im here at shiver in the dojo….PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST OR NEW MISSION…

  173. no ones showing up soooo i gotta get back to the ninja server sorry everyone some time tomorrow ill let everyone on what the new ninja mission is every CP ninja has to be there……see ya

  174. its all fake… i emailed club penguin and they said ninjas do not exist because they made secret agents instead,besides why didnt joey take any picks of the ninjas who said “follow me” or any penguinsfor that matter

  175. no its not fake and the reason why joey didnt take any more pictures or any of the other ninjas is because if she did and got caught doing it she would no longer be able to be a ninja…….and agents are kinda like ninjas with the whole teleporting thing but thats the only reason why they are alike everything else is different between them so IT IS REAL

  176. and besides when you go on clubpenguin explain why there are shadows that look like penguins and if you cant see them then look in the mirror at the ski lodge and look at the moose head its looking right at the shadow in the mirror at the ski lodge and thats no hack either

  177. and for my final reason why that is NOT fake is because on penguin chat 3 (old version of clubpenguin) there were ninjas there untill the site got closed down for some unknown reason……


  178. there is no server called flimflam im a ninja and i checked to its a fack pic

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