Supa Late Supa Sorry!!!!!

Im sorry im so late to post all this stuff! Ive been buisy with stuff (Like getting braces! UGH!) Sooooo….. New WIGS! I haev a NEw FAVORITE LOOK THAT I WEAR ALOT! ( its the same outfit that i normaly wear except it has a wig insted of a white hat.) The news stage is gonna be here on like friday!!! It comes and goes fast!!!!!! “Its 2008! Its gonna be great!” Im sure youve heard that ALOT on new years day on Disney channel!

I have some other stuff to talk about too! I see that weve reached over 15,000 hits. Soo I was going to plan the party for like this weekend or somthing but….. I was thinking maybe we could wait and have the party in like a month or somthing? AS A BIRTHDAY PARTY! MY penguins going to turn 365 days old ( 365 is a year) RIght now my penguin is 336 days old so tell me what you think of for waiting until my penguin birthday! I will still have maybe a couple of smaller parties before then too!


One other thing to talk about is somthing that ive been seeing alot on this blog and i want it to stop. Cyberbullying. NO MORE! Do you know what cryber bullying is? Well lots were you bully some one on line insted of in person (wich to me is REALy low and shallow!) You may think that your not doing it, but chances are that you ARE doing it. If you wouldnt say it in person, why would you say it online? Its hurtful. Its mean. Its rude. Dont do it! FOLLOW THE RULES OF THIS BLOG! I CAn and WILL delete any comment on this blog if I want to. If im not here to do it, then Zizzle Z and or Aunt Alaska has my permission to do so. WE will delete an d comments that seem mean to us and or have bad words.  Dont be mean to anyone on this blog. I know every one has maybe cyberbullied at least one time. And hopefully you are ashamed of it! I know ive cyber bullied a couple of times ( ive either let my ANGER take over or I just was in a REALY REALY bad mood) Its NOT somthing im proud of. So DONT!  NO CYBER BULLYING!

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  1. make me i will cyber bully all the time when and where i want

    Joey453 says: Fine. Do what YOU want. But if you ARE going to continue cyber bullying, dont bother to come to this blog any more. THIS EVERYONE IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO SEE. DONT CYBER BULLY. IF THIS PERSON CYBER BULLIES AT ALL ON THIS BLOG THEN I WILL BAN THEM FROM THIS BLOG! CYBER BULLYING = 1 WEEK BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey can i have a page on this site joey i get on it alot and i want to help please tell me soon or go on my blog and tell me its

  3. But campbellio? Uh if you already have your own blog then why would you need a page on this blog? No offense or anything, but it is REALY hard to handle two things at once. Like I use to have two blogs but I had to delete it because I was more focused on this. So dont worry if you dont get any visitors on your blog at first for a while. Here are a few tips: levae tags when you make a post so other ppls can see it. Ask any questions you have on the Forums/support. Other people can help you out alot. They could tel you how to get your blog on the google search thing and everything (I forgot how! sry!)

  4. i think your right Joey453 i think if Aunt Artic should not bully on here and i was wondering if you knew the reason why Aunt Artic is sooooo mean to everyone and why is she writing the newspaper if she is a mean person in the first place……know what i mean when i say that?????

  5. hey

  6. what do you mean hey????????? i didnt say anything im just wondering why is Aunt Artic a mean person

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