Hurrray! Were not going to die after all!!!!!!!!

Were not going to die after all because the mini ice burgs that were breakning off of club penguin are GONE! YAAAAAAAAAY! 😀

The party is OVA! It was fun party, dont get me wrong, but after a while it got boring and the music that was in most of the places i thought it was annoiying! Its like “da da da BEEEEP da da da BEEEP!” ugh. Oh yeah  its going to be the same fire works on the fourth of July. I had fun donating to coins for change though.. 🙂 😛  I noticed that barely anyone asks a question on Aunt Alaska’s page any more. Does every one know everthing already? WOOOOW. I dont think i even know everything about club penguin. i mean come on! its basicly just people chatting to eachother. thats what the CHAT page is for!:x        Tommorow there is a new WIG catolog! The second one! IM excited! Are YOU excited? aaaaaawwwwwwweeeeeeesssssoooommmmeeeeeeee….. OKAY so i have a little question for you. Sorry its not about club penguin.

Whats the BIG difference between Youtube and Myspace? Besides You tube being safer?

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  1. i think youtube is more safer than my space becuse im not ganna get 1 until im 14 or sometin i like utube better it has funny vids alothough i kinda dk about myspace because i dont go it well uhh bye!

  2. I dont go on my space any more because a guy started stalking me because of it and the police arrested him so i dont go on it any more its freaky thats why i think you tube is waaaaaaaay safer!!!!!!!

  3. How old are you Zizzlez Im 13.

  4. im 12

  5. im 14
    i just turned 14 yesterday
    im the oldest cool
    how old is sillyman

  6. how sholdwe do the movie?

  7. guuys go this site were throwing a performance hope u come!! 😉

  8. I was just there and i dont see anyone

  9. you stink zizzle z i hate you and i lied all about Lord Diaz and i am Dart i just made another name

  10. my clubpenguin cheat site is
    i made a page on it for you zizzle z and one for joey
    im campbellio please go on my site tipe this my site on your browser

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