Story: The Possed Penguin

“Mwa ha ha ha!” laughed the evil witch as she boiled her potion. ” Yes. Yes. Perfect! Its gonna work this time-” she was interrupted by the door slamming open and light filling the room. “Give me back my son! You retched witch!” said a full grown penguin standing in the doorway. A nasty grin spread across the witches face. “Mwa ha ha ha! Never! Your almost too late. For once my potion is finished I will have the great power to be air!” after the witch said this she burst into laughter again. The penguin that was standing in the doorway luanched himself at the witch. She put her hands up and pushed a wall out of her hands into the penguin. There wa a big crack as the penguin and the wall colided. The penguin fell to the floor, dead. The other penguins still stood in the doorway, frozen with fear. A horrible smell filled the air.”My potion! Tis it be ready!” the witch ran to the big goblet containing a gooey looking liquid. She grabbed a bottle and began to fill it up with the goo. When it filled, she raise the bottle to her lips. “No!”yelled the young penguin who the witch had captured. The young penguin stood up and the ropes that had been holding him fell to the ground. The witch quickly drank the liquid. Nothing happened, at first. But then the witch began to get lighter and lighter, until she was almost invisable (except for an outline of her body). Then she jumped up and flew at the boy. There was an ear-peircing scream as the boy fell to the ground.

Did you like that? Well hat is part of the story that Ill be adding to the blog Friday! I LOVE to write! (and read!) When I grow up im going to be an author! 😀 My favorite author is James Patterson. My favorite books are : The Maximum Ride series( by James Patterson) When the wind blows ( by James Patterson) The lake house ( by James Patterson and also sequal to When the wind blows) The tenth kingdom(author unknown or forgotten!) And pretty much all books by James Patterson! I like other books too! Well after this story that Im writing for you guys, I need you to tell me some ideas of another story I could write you so we could have a different one every month! 🙂 So tell me what ya think!

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  1. Impressive. A few spelling errors here and then, but otherwise great. I’m looking forward to read the rest! ~Tanuki I =P

  2. Yes I know. Thats just my ruff draft sort of, I will be fixing it all and maybe changing the part I have featured up there. (Plus this isnt gonna be one of my best stories, but hopefully it will be good!) 😳 Thanks!

  3. i really like your story
    i really like when the
    guy dies
    well your a really good wrighter im older like
    20 and iwright lots of books

  4. What books do you write.

  5. like fantasy ones
    like harry potter
    and the chronicals of anrnia
    i love wrighting
    and i like making sequels for books that are over

  6. Kewl.

  7. hey i reported shan for caling u a nerd

  8. I reported him too. Im trying to finish the story so if I dont answer you on club penguin im working on the story.

  9. sup my homies!

  10. yo ill help u keep up tha site joey np for me! 😉 🙂 :mgreen:

  11. im the ninja with that shadow

  12. awesome i know a ninja on clubpenquin and your not the only one i seen that a guy named Ninja 2012 is a ninja squad leader too and i seen him and his ninja only once about a few days ago in the dojo

  13. awesome i know a ninja on clubpenquin and your not the only one i seen that a guy named Ninja 2012 is a ninja squad leader too and i seen him and his ninja only once about a few days ago in the dojo

  14. hey you did it again LOLZ

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