CHANGE OF PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHANGE OF PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PARTY IS NOT ON THE SERVER AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE AUNT ALASKA MIGHT  COME BUT THAT SERVER IS FULL FOR HER!!!!!!!!!! SO THE PARTY IS ON THE SERVER YETI!!!!!!!!!! Ok? Everything else still goes as planned though! 🙂

Published in: on December 15, 2007 at 6:06 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. what is wrong with u ppl only aunt alaska and me and furhge80 n came 👿 this was embarsing for us!!

  2. purpalooloo came too

  3. i know i forgot u her thow

  4. Uh Zizzle? How did you get a movie on? Last time I tried it wouldnt work!

  5. WELL
    UMM lets just say im famous (not really) and im soo cool (a little) and smart (not the nerd smart ) and all u need to do is go to edit go to videos type in the video url and press send to editor.

  6. I know i did that but………. The send button wouldnt do anything. 😐 Ill try again……

  7. k

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