My interview of Aunt Alaska

This is my interview of Aunt Alaska:

Joey453: Hello Alaska.

Aunt Alaska:Hi Joey453!

Joey453: So Aunt Alaska, what are your favorite things about Club Penguin?

Aunt Alaska:Well Joey, I like being with my buddies, meeting new people, helping other penguins,  playing games that include other penguins, and just having fun!

Joey453:What are your favorite places to be and why?

Aunt Alaska: Well I like the Servers Mammoth and Rainbow, because Mammoth is usualy crouded and full of people wich means I could meet alot of people! And Rainbow is usualy just full enough for me to relax and still have a rocking time at once! My favorite place to be are the Coffee Shop, Book Room, Ice burg, and a good show at the Stage! I like to go to the Coffee Shop to get a nice steaming hot cup of coffee, and then to the Book Roomto read some of the amaizing books or to play Find Four with a friend! The Ice Burg is a great place to see what is happening on Club Penguin from a distance, or to have a party!

Joey453: When and Where did you first here about Club Penguin?

Aunt Alaska:Well, I never realy heard about it at all. I just ended up there from the raft that me and my sister built.

Joey453:Have you and your sister spoken recently? You dont have to answer if it bothers you.

Aunt Alaska: No comment.

Joey453: Oh. What was your favorite party?

Aunt Alaska:My favorite Party was the Sports Party. It wasa fun time to hang out with you pals and root for your favorite team.

Joey453: Ok. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me!

Aunt Alaska: Sure any time! 😉

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  1. hello joey hi aunt alaska

    Aunt Alaska says: Hi Luanne23! Long time no see!

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