YELLOW PUFFLES!!!!!!! YELLOW PUFFLES CAME OUT TODAY!!!!! AND A NEW  PET CATOLOUG!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!! 😀 I BOUGHT ONE!!!!!!!!! I NAMED IT PICASSO!!! YOU CAN ALSO STILL SEE THE YELLOW PUFFLE AT THE THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!  So do you want a page on this blog to call your very own???????? Well just comment on my last post and read it then enter the contest!!! WINNER GETS THE PAGE!!!!!!!! Yellow Puffle party tommorow!!!! Where: My igloo on map Server: Mammoth on the american flag  Time:1:00 PST  COME!!!!!! IT IS GONNA BE A BLAST!!!!!!!! Sorry I didnt post about the NBH meeting yesterday! 😦 I couldnt come and i forgot to tell u! 😦  Please dont be mad at me!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦    

News From Aunt Alaska: If you want to meet me, you can now leave a comment on my page OK? Ill try to come!!! I would love to meet all of you!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Picasso is a cool name for a yellow puffle. A lot of ppl are upset about them being for only members.

  2. Ya i know im pretty mad too. even though im a member i want everyone to at least be able to share the yellow puffles, considering how cute they are, im writing to clubpenguin to ask them about it. They should be able to make at least another puffle for the nonmembers. Espcialy since they have over 4.5million dollars and since they are now in cooperation with disney!!!!!!!!! 👿 Ill do my best to try and convince the club penguin staff to give the non members more fairness. The way they are treated is just wrong its almost like……. araisism. Luckly they stopped most of that in the real world, but club penguin counts too. Have you ever been some ones buddy just because they have cool stuff? Well thats how it mostly works. 😦 Most penguins would hang out with the person who had alot of stuff insted of a person no different from thereselves, that could be their best friend, ends up getting emotionaly hurt. 😦 But some good news i just figured out from billybob himself!: “Hopefully most of you have had a chance to see the newest member of the puffle family! The Yellow Puffle was discovered around the launch of The Stage and they definitely love their art. As always, we’d love to hear what you think! It is currently only available for members, but don’t worry, we plan to have some cool free stuff for everyone at the Christmas party! Speaking of Christmas, I heard there might be another igloo contest coming up so be sure to start thinking about how to decorate your igloo for this event!”
    Well hopefully this means goodnews for nonmembers. maybe they will make them available for everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Well we can only hope……..
    As for now… treat everyone equally!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!

  3. dear auntalaska i would love to meet u some day im always on the server icebrg and im always hang out at the pizza parlor andi loved the story about u and aunt artic are sisters and how u grew up together and have alot of adventure please meet me on the ice berg server please waddle on aunt alaska!

    Aunt Alaska says: I would love to meet you too! But how about I meet you on a different server? Because unlike my sister I am not a member!!!! 👿 😦 So usualy when I get online the server Ice Burg is full! So how about the server Rainbow Ill be on all day today! Ill be mostly at the iceburg or where ever there is a party!!!!!!! ( I wont be in any igloo parties today though! 🙂

  4. ill be on the server Mammoth some times today!

  5. “sigh” Im on a writers block 😦

  6. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  7. 😦

  8. i need ideas got any?// plz HELP me! 😦 😦 😦

  9. how do u make words have different colours????

  10. ummm

  11. u know, when all of your words were in different colors
    when u wrote “Sorry I didnt post about the NBH meeting yesterday! I couldnt come and i forgot to tell u! 😦 Please dont be mad at me!!!!! 😦 😦 ”
    it was it red how do you make it red??????????

  12. when u are making a post Under where the title is put and above the writing space u see a tool bar. at the far right of the tool bar. the last button u see a square with a whole bunch of colors on it click on it and another tool bar should come up and u look for the A underlined and click on that to change the color. K?

  13. thanx!!!!! i figured it out!!!
    by the way, i found on someones site more smilies!!!!
    Plungo 😯

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