Zorro the yellow puffle


Im Zorro. Im a Yellow puffle. Wanna here my story? Well heres the beging. When my brothers and sisters and I first discovered penguins we were terrified of them. Especialy us yellow puffles. But then all the puffles except the yellow and purple puffles decided to go see what it was like with penguins. So they went into the penguin territories and they were captured!!!!!!! And then they were sold as pets. The purple puffles began to miss all the otherpuffles and went to see what happened to them. And sothey were captured and sold too. One dayof the solar eclisp we were bouncing around minding our own buisness when we came across some blue prints lost in the wind. They were going to build a building right on or home!!!!!! So we went around and tried to stop them because if they didnt we would lose our home and get eaten by a polar bear!!!!!!!!!!! But it didnt work. They started to builed the building anyways.We tried to knock it down but didnt succeed. Now we live inside the theater hoping not to get caught. I will write every week.

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  1. Is there any other puffles?

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