Rockhopper and Sugarspell!!!!!!

rOCKHOPPER AND sUGAR sPELLThis is a picture of Rockhopper and his Girl friend. Sugarspell. Sugarspell is the newest famous penguin!!! She travels on Rockhoppers ship. Yu can be her buddy but when she leaves with Rockhopper, just like RHs her account is frozen (banned) and all her buddies are deleted. Some times if you meet her and hang around with her for a littel while you might me Rockhopper! When you meet her she is usualy dancing, and sometimes she has Yarr with her! She usualy is on the servers Tundra, Yeti, and Rainbow. She hangs out at the stage plaza iceburg dance club migrator and sometimes other places too! When she is walking Yarr and you go to the migrator and see him on the post keeping wach, that doesnt meen she realy doesnt have Yarr, but because that is just and edit by cp. Good luck on finding Sugarspell today becaus she leaves Tommorow!!!!!!

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  1. Cool! I saw her !!!!!!! I saw her when i met Rockhopper today!!!! I saw joey453 too!!!!!!!!

  2. when is rockhopper coming back to the island????

  3. i’m not seeing rockhopper this days i heard he went out of town….when is he coming back???????is there any cheat on how to become a memeber??????

  4. hi

  5. Hi


    P.S I’m NOT kidding!! I saw them KISSING!!

  7. wow… thats something i thought i would never hear but then again i always hear something am i right?

  8. WOW kissing

  9. yup

  10. hahahahahaha thats funny in a kind of way…………

  11. where when how can i find this amazing guy called ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!

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