I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS A POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS ROAMING AROUND CP!!!! ITS VERY DANGEROUSE!!!!!!!!!!! But enough with that. Heres how to do the mission.

Get the Hot sauce and Chocolate sauce at the Pizza Parlor.

Poor the chocolate  sauce in the machine to make Hot chocolate. Put in inventory.

Go to the HQ or gadget room ( i forget witch one alredy) To get the fan. On shelf with other inventions.

Put fan on fuel in beacon to get it closer. Cut the string and put in inventory.

Deliver the pizza thats at Pizza Parlor. ( the fishing guy is behind the ski lodge. Click on the Icefishing game.)

Go to Gary ( in gadget room) and put the liquids in the glasses machine. Take the glasses.

Go to the Ski lodge. Find Penguin hiding in orange sofa.

To get the trap go to the light house. Get the string from the boat. Click on the fish net and get a net. Combine to items to make a trap.

Get a candle from the candle holder in the lodge. ( between the Mullet and the cuckoo clock.

Go behind the ski lodge. Set the trap. And put candle on trap.

When the “thing” runs away make sure to get the fur it leaves behind.

Go to the Gadget room. Give crab to G. Put fur in machine.

To fix the fur machine comb the fur thats jammed in it.

     Just follow these steps and Whala!

                                    A POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!

 Another thing that is scary yet cool is that the chalkbord still says Prepare for your next mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another mission could come soon too!!!!!!! AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 If you still get stuck feel free to ask for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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  1. I cannot find the rope

  2. Go to the light house. scroll around until you find the littel boat. Click the rope thats on it! 😉

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