Wondering Why?

Wondering why i dont usualy post the catoog sercrets and stuff? Well i dont because Every singel other blog does and if i do too you will just be getting  the same thing from all the blogs. So if you want me to leave a comment saying that i should post the comon things. If you dont want me to then say that you dont. Most of you visit more than one blog right?

  In other news……..  Be sure to check out the coloring pages! Do you have any ideas on how to improve this blog????????? Then comment! I am trying to find more COOL stuff for this blog. I know the same old thing can kind of get boring after a while. Hmmmmm should i make a funnies page? How do you like the NEW look?As i said befor the black look was ONLy for halloween. I decorate the blog for the different holidays! Cool?         

 Heres a game!       Fill in the missing spaces.    

              P_ _g_i_n

             I_ _o_

              _ uf_le

              B_ _dy

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