I FINALLY got the pin!!!!!!!!!! EASY!!!!!!

OMG it was sooooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!! i cant beleive i didnt understand it before!  Ok so cp tried to confuse you by making it seem like u have to directly click on the spider itself. Because the clicking curser comes up when you roll ur mouse over the spider but all u realy have to do is click  abover or just a little of to the side of the spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont roll your mouse over the spider or else it will go back up and you will have to try all over  again! 🙂     😉  New mission comin up!!!!!!!!!!! COOOLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  think i know what the STRANGE creatures are that are causing all the problems on cp are!!!!!! POLAR BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well c’mon think about it. The white fur. The strange PAW and CLAW prints!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think they might have foubnd out in the next mission coming out about what the animal that was doing it was. Its been long enough right? Well maybe the new mission will be about finding or capturing or stoping the polar bears? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. idk but i sure cant wait can you! 🙂

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