Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im back!!!!!!!! Im so happy! YAY!!!!!!! I was gonna post more this weekend becuz the hotel did have a computor but the internet on the computor wasnt working so i had to WAIT until i got back home. I got home last night at about 10:30 but i couldnt go on the internet cuz i had to get up at 5:00am! so im posting now. I went to Indianapolis (my state capital). On friday the day i left a NEW wig catolog came out!!! i havent bought one yet though cuz i hadnt had time yet plus i have a slow computor. well i cant think of any thing else to say ……….. hmmmm…….. ill probaly think of somthing as soon as i post this lol so i will have to post again! T T F N (ta ta for now!) 😉

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