Okay the good news is the new way to dress your penguin came out to day there wigs!!!!!!!! Ill post more about it when i get back. Bad news is Im gonna be gone allllllllllllllllll weekend. đŸ˜¦ so i wont be posting anything unless the hotel im staying at has a computor. I would leave the blog in the hands of Aunt Alaska but shes coming with me. Its a thing for my vollyball team were sleeping over night tournament  on saturday then im spending another night with my parents so is Alaska. So to distract you of my absence im making a contest for you to think about while im gone. The contest is a best cp cheat cp contest.  Who ever comes  up with the best cheat wins and gets to meat with me and aunt artic and gets a BIg secret! I have to go now or else im gonna be late. So TTFN and have fun with the contest!!!!!!!! đŸ˜‰ P.S the meeting for the ninja bounty hunters is next thursday illl post more about it later!

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  1. hgyrlgyyrl hbnl

  2. ok the best cp cheat i can think of is the nubbinng cheat cause so many people ask how 2 do it

  3. thats sad i should post it to Aunt Artic

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