Wanna meet Aunt Alaska?

AuntalaskaWanna meet Aunt Alaska? Well heres your chance! Aunt Alaska will be at the Book Room in the american server and on  mammoth (if its full she will be on Rainbow.) She will be on at 3:00 to about 4:30. Maybey longer. She will be there to hang out and have fun with other penguins. If you meet her you can be sure to add her to your buddy list! Unless her list  gets full she will accept all invitations. Here is some more info on her fav things: Her faborite places to hang ut are the coffee shop, book room, and ski lodge. Her favorite games are manacala, beans, and find four. Her favorite food is pizza and apples. Her favorite drink of course is coffee. She will be wearing either her friendship bracelet (located in book room) or her blue puffle (named: Miss Piggy.) REMEBER! Aunt Alaska will be on the server american and in the world Mammoth or Rainbow 3:00 to 4:30 maybey longer.  She is on on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays! Some times she is on on other days too.  Hope u meet her!

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  1. will you meet me in the book room at 3:15 on rainbow so i can add you to my buddy list, plz aunt alaska!

  2. aunt alaska will be on at 6:00 today

  3. ok thnx

  4. shes on now at 6:22 pm CPST clubpenguin standard time she hangs around the coffee shop mostly on Rainbow.

  5. YES I DO

  6. joey453 are you a famous penguin whats your password?

  7. im the thirst 2008 post

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